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Mitsubishi – New version of GT Works – V1.130

The latest version of GT Works3 is now available for download from the common platform.


V1.130 includes the following new features:




  • Add an array of multiple objects quickly with the ‘Copy Direction function’
  • New GOT diagnostics function to check system status and log data with corrective suggestions
  • Automatic connection and use of PLC function for GT21 & GS21
  • Improved reporting functionality
  • New GT2104 GOT added to the option list

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Mitsubishi host the Future Manufacturing Event – AMRC Training Centre , Sheffield

Are you registered ?

Due to high demand Mitsubishi have now added a further date to their Future Manufacturing event that is taking place at the AMRC Training Centre in Sheffield on the 17th March 2015. The following day has now been added due to poular demand so enrol now to ensure your place on this event.


The free to enter event is intended to appeal to anyone working in manufacturing, engineering or automation and interested in where manufacturing and technology are today and where they will be in the near future. The ‘Future Manufacturing Event’ is a combination of seminars, exhibitions and one-to-one contact with experts from leading software and hardware vendors.

Date & Venue

17th and 18th March 2015 – AMRC Training Center Sheffield

Industry leading experts will provide invaluable information on key topics that include:

Energy solutions

  • New ESOS legislation – the facts and how it affects you
  • Effective Energy Management
  • IE Motor legislation
  • G5/5 explained

Industry 4.0

  • Industrial Internet of Things
  • M2M Solutions

Technology innovations

  • iQ-F – Unrivaled compact controller
  • iQ-R – Next generation modular controller
  • Robotics & Vision

Event Partners

Pic 1  Pic 2




  • Rittal
  • Lutze
  • Cognex
  • CLPA
  • Eplan
  • P&F

To register

Register for your free pass to Mitsubishi Electric Future Manufacturing Event and access free seminars, special features and the very latest product news from some of the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers.

Register to guarantee your place at the event




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Two does go into One! New LÜTZE Cables

New LÜTZE SUPERFLEX® cable is compatible with the digital interface HIPERFACE-DSL® by SICK®

New Lutze Superflex CableServo motor technology continues to develop further, with the aim of making the technology more user friendly. A new trend for servo motors is integration of the encoder feedback in the transfer cable. The main advantage here is the connection technology, as the connection can be established with just one cable and one connector per motor. With the separate connecting lead becoming superfluous for data transfer, not only is material saved, but a source of error is also eliminated and the installation effort is decreased. LÜTZE added a new innovation to its range and now offers a special servo cable which is compatible with the digital interface HIPERFACE-DSL® from SICK®. This cable is specially designed as a hybrid servo cable, and consists of three elements: a power supply, a separately shielded motor brake pair and a separately shielded data pair for digital data transfer.


SERVO 0.6/1 kV has been designed for consistently moving operation in C-tracks. In order to guarantee trouble-free functional integrity of the motor in moving applications, the elements in the cable must remain in their position during movement. Furthermore, electrical interferences between the power supply and ­the data pair must be ruled out through respective shielding. LÜTZE SUPERFLEX® PLUS M© PUR HYBRID SERVO 0.6/1 kV provides all these characteristics, and therefore represents a reliable solution for the connection of all servomotors with HIPERFACE DSL® technology. LÜTZE also provides this new cable fully assembled.


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SICK Modular Safety Controller: FLEXI SOFT

Difficult learning, complicated programming and system configuration are now a thing of the past when it comes to machine safety.

Sick Flexi Soft

Sick Flexi Soft

Flexi Soft by SICK makes it all so simple by using the intuitive and ergonomic programming software. With the Flexi Soft Designer, the entire project is programmed from beginning to end. The planning is done via the PC, and hardware is selected and combined to offer optimal amounts of inputs and outputs. All tactile and optical safety sensors can be attached to these modules in order to complete the project. Up to 12 modules can be attached to the chosen CPU and thereby up to 144 inputs/outputs can be used. Due to the individual and compact 22.5mm wide modules, the control cabinet only needs to house enough safety controller to match the application.

Flexi Soft is a programmable, modular expandable safety controller by SICK.

The main CPU module FX3-CPU is the CPU of the entire system where all input signals are monitored and processed via safety logic programs stored inside the CPU’s memory.

These signals are used to switch outputs on the system through the FLEX BUS+ interface which interacts all units to one another.

The FX3-CPU has an RS-232C interface allowing connection to the easy-to-use Flexi Soft Designer in order to upload/download projects and change system settings.

The RS-232 port can also be used as a permanent port to a PLC or HMI if required.

The main module FX3-CPU1 has 2 EFI-connections on it.

An input/output extension module FX3-XTIO has 8 safety inputs and 4 safety outputs.

The input expansion module FX3-XTDI has 8 safety inputs.

Flexi Soft Modular Safety Controller

Flexi Soft Modular Safety Controller

Main Modules

  • General function blocks (i.e. AND/OR/XOR/NOT)
  • Application-specific: Bypass, Muting, Press, etc.
  • RS-232 port for configuration and real-time diagnostics
  • EFI connection for expanded sensor functionality, thorough diagnostics and bidirectional device communication
  • FX3-CPU0: without EFI connection
  • FX3-CPU1: with 2 EFI connections
  • Separate memory plug to save the safety controller’s configuration.

In-/ Output expansion modules

  • FX3-XTIO: Input/output expansion with 8 safety inputs, 4 safety outputs and 2 test outputs
  • FX3-XTDI: Input expansion with 8 safety inputs and 8 test outputs
  • Up to 12 modules can be attached to the chosen CPU and thereby up to 144 inputs/outputs can be used

Relay expansion modules

  • UE410-2RO: 2 normally open, 1 application diagnostic output and 1 EDM contact
  • UE410-4RO: 2 x 2 normally open, 2 x 1 application diagnostic output and 2 x 1 EDM contacts
  • UE12-2FG: 2 normally open and 1 EDM contact, cascade
  • UE10-2FG: 2 normally open and 1 EDM contact


To connect the Flexi Soft to an existing PLC, you can do this by integrating up to two Gateways.



The following modules are available:

  • EtherNet/IP FX0-GENT
  • CANopen FX-GCAN
  • Modbus TCP FX0-GMOD
  • DeviceNet FX0-GNEV

In-System added value

Usage of enhanced sensor functions through the EFI-interface.

The EFI-interface (Enhanced Function Interface) is a two wire communication between safety sensor and controller.

All EFI sensors connected to Flexi Soft can be accessed and programmed via the Flexi Soft’s RS-232 connection.

The software incorporates a high quality diagnostic function delivering fast and accurate actions, allowing the user to make program changes or fix errors productively.

So if you are after simplicity with a high-level of safety, from the integration of an Emergency stop, to the integration of optical safety sensors. Or even the combination of entry/exit stations with entry protection, with the option of networking to complex machinery with minimal effort, then the SICK Modular Safety Controller is the solution for you!

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Save over 60% off Mitsubishi software: iQ Works and GX Works 2

For a limited period only Mitsubishi Electric is running a special offer on the iQ Works & GX Works 2 software platforms.

IQ Works software
iQ Works software is the integrated engineering software suite which includes Melsoft Navigator, GX Works 2, MT Works 2 and GT Works 3.

Introductory price of £495


GX Works 2 software

MELSOFT GX Works 2 represents the next generation in MELSOFT PLC maintenance and programming software. It’s functionality has been inherited from both GX and IEC Developer, with improvements made throughout to increase productivity and drive down engineering costs.

Introductory price of £295



Contact our dedicated sales team to place your order today! 01162339555


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Mitsubishi Special Offers – FX3GE Starter Kits

Whilst stocks last, FX3GE Starter Kit Offers from £900 to get your automation projects off to a quick start.  These Starter Kit bundles include GOT HMI, FX3GE Compact Plc and IQ Works software.

FX3GE Starter Kit

STARTER KIT 1;  FX3GE-24MR (14/10 I/O) Compact PLC, GT1030 (4,5″) GOT HMI, Cable GT10-C30R4-8PC, iQ Works software suite; 266241; £900

STARTER KIT 2; FX3GE-24MR (14/10 I/O) Compact PLC, GT14 (5,7″) mono GOT HMI, iQ Works software suite; 266242; £1,100

STARTER KIT 3; FX3GE-40MR (24/16 I/O) Compact PLC, GT14 (5,7″) mono GOT HMI, VNC HMI remote access, iQ Works software suite; 266243; £1,300

STARTER KIT 4; FX3GE-40MR (24/16 I/O) Compact PLC, GT14 (5,7″) colour GOT HMI, VNC HMI remote access, iQ Works software suite; 266244; £1,500




  • Up to 5,7″ screen with up to 65k colors TFT
  • Integrated communications: Ethernet, USB (Host & Devices), RS232, RS422/485 embedded
  • Data logging: SD card slot for easy data logging
  • Backup/restore function: Easy program recovery function via USB stick or SD card
  • Multi channel function: Serial and Ethernet connections at the same time

FX3GE Compact PLC –

  • Integrated communication: Ethernet, USB, RS422 embedded
  • Integrated analogue processing: 2 analogue inputs, 1 analogue output embedded
  • Connection to up to 8 inverters possible
  • Security: 2 user keywords for scaled PLC access
  • Advanced positioning: High-speed counting and input interrupts, User friendly positioning

iQ Works software suite –

  • Intuitive system configuration diagram allows for the graphic assembly of systems
  • Centralised management of disparate projects and batch configuration of the entire control system
  • Use system labels to seamlessly share device data between GOTs, PLCs and motion control
  • Save the time and hassle of changing device values in each program by using the update system labels feature

Call for more information.



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CDL releases their latest Mitsubishi Short-Form Sales Guide

Following on from the Success of previous editions, we have continued to develop and produce our very own ‘Mitsubishi World of Automation Solutions’ Short-Form Sales Guide.

Brochure image







This guide is an additional Sales Tool to help you with your selection of Mitsubishi Hardware for each of your Automation applications.

Within this guide you’ll find listed an abundance of Product Ranges in a pictorial format along with a brief description encompassing additional information along with the current UK List Prices for each product shown. We hope that this guide itself can offer you instant access to part numbers and cost whilst you are planning for new projects, upgrades or straight forward like-for-like replacements.




A typical extract from the Brochure below shows a brief description, dimensions, specifications and additional modules for each product:

L-series spread

L-series spread


Whether it be for peace of mind or a technical brain to pick, it’s good to know our Engineers are available to assist with your factory automation or control project. We believe that if our customers are knowledgeable they are more likely to get the best from our products. This means that our technical support Engineers will take the time to explain their advice and not baffle you with science. Therefore as a Sales Guide we hope this latest edition continues to assist with your hardware selection, and to further strengthen our customer commitment we offer in partnership the following services.


Technical Support

Our Engineering service supports you during planning, conception and completion of your project. We offer support, consultancy and service in various forms, may it be online, over the phone or on-site. We can help you with everything from equipment specification, system implementation and commissioning to on-going support and training tailored to your needs.


Find us online where we offer a customer download area containing a comprehensive range of old to new manuals, application notes, data sheets and free software.


Drop us a call on 01162361861, where one of our Technical Support Engineers will be on hand during the day to advise and support you with any queries regarding selection, functionality, configuration, wiring and programming of our products and systems. Alternatively, you could always send us an e-mail to:

On Site Support

Our on-site support team can be booked to assist in design, commissioning or programming of PLCs HMIs and Servo systems. Integration with industrial networks, third party or legacy systems is their specialist area and they are prepared for the unique challenges that each visit can bring.


Whether simple programming or complex system integration on either a software or hardware technology, our training team can provide a range of of standard or bespoke training courses tailored to your exact requirements. Our training courses carry the appropriate accreditation and certification and can lead to the achievement of a Mitsubishi Certified Engineer status.


To request a FREE copy of one of our Brochure’s, fill out the contact form below.

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The RIFLINE complete relay system

RIFLINE complete relay system

Phoenix Contact’s new RIFLINE complete relay system has been designed to implement all standard relay applications.  Switch low currents and currents up to 16A, whether you want to replace small power contactors or whether you want to isolate, multiply or amplify signals, the field of application ranges from coupling to timer relays.  RIFLINE complete relay system’s universal plug-in design supports quick, easy and error-free handling. 

The advantages of using this system is the availability as a complete or modular system, its reliability and it has a complete product range covering all standard relay applications.  Thanks to its plug-in special function module, it is easy to extend to a timer relay.  The system also boasts easy handling due to its modern wiring and potential distribution concept.

Modular System

Modular Systems & Accessories

Modular Systems & Accessories

All complete modules in the RIFLINE series are also available as modular systems and, as its been inspired by CLIPLINE complete, RIFLINE complete also offers an abundance of accessory components suitable for both systems.  As individual components can be combined as required depending on each scenario, this benefit maximizes flexibility.

Multifunctional Timer Module

Transform a relay module into a timer relay using the multifunctional plug-in timer module.  RIF1 to RIF4 bases can be equipped with this module.  Selection can be made from three time ranges and four time functions using DIP switches and using a potentiometer you can detail time settings.

RIFLINE Complete

To enable quick, tool free wiring, use RIFLINE complete using its proved push in technology.

You can use a ballpoint pen or screwdriver on the release button to release the conductor;

Reduce wiring effort using plug in bridges and upgrading to a timer relay is possible using the timer module.

Easy Handling in Details

Thanks to push in connection technology gives Easy Wiring.

Easy handling in detail

Easy handling in detail

Using plug in bridges from the standard range of Clipline gives Easy Potential Distribution. 

With plug in multifunctional timer modules, gives Easy Expansion.




For further information please get in contact.

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Between 24th June until 19th July 2013, the new Rittal Flex-Block plinth (100mm high) is being supplied “free” with every new order on the SE 8 Floor Standing Enclosures.

Flex-Block Plinth

Flex-Block Plinth




Not only is this saving up to 10% off the list price, it is also giving you time saved during the assembly that the Flex-Block provides.

For further information, please contact us.

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Phoenix Contact – New Industrial Ethernet Products

Industrial Ethernet

Industrial Ethernet


Phoenix Contact has some new Ethernet products that offer increased security, reliability and improvements in real-time and wireless features. Easily integrated into your automation infrastructure, making these the products to choose.

The advantages for using these products include improved real-time for your application with PROFINET IRT switches, reliable and fast networks with highspeed WLAN access points and finally, secure machine networks thanks to the new generation of security routers.


High speed WLAN access point

High speed WLAN access point

Highspeed WLAN access point

The WLAN 5100 access point combines robust industrial technology and high performance and it is contained in a compact metal housing.  You can design more reliable and faster networks. The configuration and maintenance of WLAN networks is easier with cluster management and replaceable memory cards enables simple replacement of devices.


IP67 PROFINET realtime switch

IP67 PROFINET Realtime Switch

IP67 PROFINET Realtime Switch

Increase the realtime capability of PROFINET applications using the new PROFINET realtime switch. With push/pull connection technology on the IP67 housing enables easy installation and with no cabinet. Ensure optimal realtime properties with the hardware based PROFINET prioritisation.


Security Routers

MGUARD security routers from Phoenix Contact reliably protect your network against unauthorised access and tampering. A rugged metal housing and extended temperature range give you the bonus of greater reliability. The SD card slot enables fast device replacement.


Contact us if you require any further information.


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