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LUTZE Industrial Cables

LUTZE is your professional partner for consulting and delivery of high-quality industrial cables for automated manufacturing in numerous applications. Our specialized knowledge of flexible cables and cable assembly supports your installation every bit as much as does our product range: shielded or unshielded, for power, control or data.

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Control Cables in LUTZE SUPERFLEX® Quality

Flexible and highly flexible control cables for varied industrial applications. LUTZE control cables are suited to machine and production systems, industrial air conditioning technology, as well as conveyor systems and many other applications.

Worldwide use

For worldwide applications the most LUTZE SUPERFLEX® control cables have UL certification.

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Electronic Cables

Optimised for automated manufacturing!

LUTZE offers a wide range of flexible and highly flexing electronic cables with colour-coded coded conductors, both unshielded and shielded as well as twisted pairs.

LUTZE ELECTRONIC cables are the optimum solution for endless industrial applications.

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Actuator Sensor Cables

Designed for the industrial environment.

LUTZE offers highly flexible actuator-sensor cables colour-coded in conformity with EN 60947-5-2 with a black PUR jacket for industrial environments. These cables are suited to field wiring as well as mechanical proccessing.

LUTZE offers consulting, project planning and assembly from experienced specialists. LUTZE also supports you with pre-assembled cables from the actuator sensor area as well as network technology.

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Bus Cables and Network Cables

Flexible and highly flexing BUS cables for data transfer in industrial BUS systems and networks. LUTZE provides BUS and network cables for the most common systems worldwide and according to the industrial ETHERNET standards.

LUTZE offers not just an extensive portfolio of bus cables and network cables, but also handles the complete assembly of all cables for you, with all variants of connectors.

We guarantee the compliance with the required specifications for all components manufactured by LUTZE.

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Motor, Servo and Feedback Cables

LUTZE supplies flexible and highly flexing motor connection and energy supply cables as well as system-specific servo and feedback cables and low-capacitance cables for efficient power transfer.

LUTZE servo cables are suitable for all types of drives, however they are particularly effective for motors with frequency convertors. The high dielectric strength of the insulation material and the low dielectric coefficient are advantages offered by the LUTZE servo cables on the electrical side. Mechanically the servo cables score through outstanding glide properties, strength and temperature-neutral flexibility. This is ideal for use in C-tracks and in harsh operating conditions.

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Cable Assemblies

LUTZE supplies assembled cables for all common servo-drive systems as well as customer-specific solutions. And also preassembled cables such as Siemens front-end plug S7, patch cable; USB 3. 0 connection cables and helical cables.

Lutze Cable Assemblies

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Why Use LUTZE Industrial Cables?

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