Whilst stocks last, FX3GE Starter Kit Offers from £900 to get your automation projects off to a quick start.  These Starter Kit bundles include GOT HMI, FX3GE Compact Plc and IQ Works software.

FX3GE Starter Kit

STARTER KIT 1;  FX3GE-24MR (14/10 I/O) Compact PLC, GT1030 (4,5″) GOT HMI, Cable GT10-C30R4-8PC, iQ Works software suite; 266241; £900

STARTER KIT 2; FX3GE-24MR (14/10 I/O) Compact PLC, GT14 (5,7″) mono GOT HMI, iQ Works software suite; 266242; £1,100

STARTER KIT 3; FX3GE-40MR (24/16 I/O) Compact PLC, GT14 (5,7″) mono GOT HMI, VNC HMI remote access, iQ Works software suite; 266243; £1,300

STARTER KIT 4; FX3GE-40MR (24/16 I/O) Compact PLC, GT14 (5,7″) colour GOT HMI, VNC HMI remote access, iQ Works software suite; 266244; £1,500




  • Up to 5,7″ screen with up to 65k colors TFT
  • Integrated communications: Ethernet, USB (Host & Devices), RS232, RS422/485 embedded
  • Data logging: SD card slot for easy data logging
  • Backup/restore function: Easy program recovery function via USB stick or SD card
  • Multi channel function: Serial and Ethernet connections at the same time

FX3GE Compact PLC –

  • Integrated communication: Ethernet, USB, RS422 embedded
  • Integrated analogue processing: 2 analogue inputs, 1 analogue output embedded
  • Connection to up to 8 inverters possible
  • Security: 2 user keywords for scaled PLC access
  • Advanced positioning: High-speed counting and input interrupts, User friendly positioning

iQ Works software suite –

  • Intuitive system configuration diagram allows for the graphic assembly of systems
  • Centralised management of disparate projects and batch configuration of the entire control system
  • Use system labels to seamlessly share device data between GOTs, PLCs and motion control
  • Save the time and hassle of changing device values in each program by using the update system labels feature

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