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Phoenix Contact

Creative solutions for a smart world

Phoenix Contact will support you on your journey to a smart world with creative solutions as well as innovative products and systems tailored to your applications.

Shaping digitalisation together

With our future-oriented innovations, we are paving the road to the networked world for you. Our intelligent components are the basis for your future-oriented concepts: Intelligent buildings and Intelligent automation, based on the open PLCnext Technology ecosystem. Our expertise and range of services optimise your control cabinet manufacturing systems with integrated production concepts.

Introducing PLC Next Technology Phoenix Contact’s new revolutionary PLC Portfolio.

What is different about PLC Next Technology? Just about everything!

The patented runtime running on a LINUX operating system allows programs written in high level languages like C++, C#, Python, to be combined with traditional IEC 61131-3 and run deterministically in the same task.

This means that the latest software engineers from the open source community previously locked out of the world of factory automation due to the prevalence of IEC 61131-3 can now work alongside the present day automation engineers and programmers using their high level language skills to help future proof the businesses of today to make sure they are around tomorrow.

Prevent unplanned downtimes: There are numerous solutions within the Phoenix Contact range to maximise system availability.

A high-performance surge protection system safely discharges all transient overvoltages on the AC side, without any interruptions to the connected loads. Transmission of any overvoltage events to the cloud enables preventive maintenance.

Innovative solutions for AC or DC potential distribution reduce space requirements and installation times in the control cabinet.

Redundant solutions or batteries supplement the DC power supply when needed, thus safeguarding the 24 V supply even in critical situations.

Downstream of the power supplies Device circuit breakers optimised for DC prevent negative effects on the overall system caused by short circuits and overloads in the field.

Comprehensive monitoring systems exist to provide early warning of any situation that could lead to unwanted downtime.

Phoenix Contact Functional Safety products

The Phoenix Contact range of safety products has been developed to meet the demands of a wide range of industries to include Machine building, process Industry and Automotive.

As well as meeting the current standards to the highest levels we also have a broad range of products to meet all levels of safety and to suit your application needs.

Whether you need the smallest safety relay in the world or a networked safety system we have a solution for you.

Here is an overview of the Functional Safety range:

  • Safety relays
  • Multifunctional safety relays

  • Zero speed monitoring/ Overspeed – Underspeed monitoring

  • Configurable safety systems

  • RFID Safety switches (EN14119)

  • Network safety solutions

  • Wireless safety

  • Safe Hybrid motor starters

  • Safe power supplies

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