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Uno 1000 series

Din-Rail Automation Controllers:

UNO-1000 Series


UNO-2000 Series

Wall-mount Automation Box PCs:

UNO-3000 Series

Modular I/OS For Flexible Expansion:

iDoor Modules

Din-Rail Automation Controllers UNO-1000 SERIES

The UNO-1000 series of ruggedised fanless DIN-rail PCs are intelligent computing systems aimed at industrial automation control.

  • Front-accessible I/O with LED indicators for easy maintenance.
  • Supports iDoor technology for integrating industrial peripherals, fieldbus I/O, and wireless communication modules.

Modular Box Platforms UNO-2000 SERIES

Featuring a modular design, UNO-2000 platforms can be integrated with Advantech’s iDoor modules for flexible configuration according to specific application requirements.

  • Compact size with optimised features.
  • Stackable for iDoor expansion / customisation / applications.
  • Customised UNO- Brand-labeling & customised stack-up housing with specific functionalities.

Wall-Mount Embedded Automation Box PC UNO-3000 SERIES

The UNO-3000 series of fanless, high-performance computing systems feature a ruggedised chassis and multiple extensions that offer maximum flexibility for industrial automation applications.

  • Ideal for motion and vision applications
  • Dual hot-swappable storage design for improved data backups and security

Modular I/OS for Flexible Expansion IDOOR MODULE

The highly flexible customisation and easy component replacement give system integrators flexible solutions for their own projects to meet different customer needs.

Industrial Fieldbus


I/O & Peripheral

Storage (NVRAM, USB, TPM, CFast), Network (GigaLAN, PoE), Display (VGA/DVI, DP, HDMI) and Peripheral (Audio, PCIe adapter card).

Wireless Communication

WiFi/Bluetooth, Zigbee, RFID/NFC, GSM/GPRS/3G and LTE.

Key Features for Industrial IoT Operations

Advantech’s UNO systems are equipped with rugged components and intelligent features that provide the durability to withstand operation in harsh industrial environments. The modularised design allows for flexible configuration and long-term expansion, making UNO systems ideal industrial computing solutions for smart factory operations.

Industrial-grade Design

Equipped with a rugged metal enclosure, dual power supply, and wide operating temperature range, UNO systems are suitable for operation in harsh industrial environments. Moreover, the dual power input prevents system downtime due to power failure.

Easy Maintenance

UNO systems feature front-accessible hot-swappable HDD/SSD bays with captive thumbscrews for easy maintenance and upgrades. The hot-swappable design minimises interruptions and system downtime, while captive thumb screws allow tool-less installation. Additionally, the RTC battery can be easily removed without disassembling the entire system, thereby reducing maintenance time and costs.

Intelligent Software

Advantech’s Edge Intelligence Service allows UNO systems to communicate and conduct automated processing for real-time monitoring and control. Edge Intelligence Service also supports cloud-based data analysis to facilitate intelligent factory operations.

Versatile Mounting Methods

UNO support versatile mounting method, such as -VESA, DIN rail, Book, Pole, and Stand mount for best fit in embedded computer application.

Flexible Configuration with IDOOR

UNO supports the latest range of expansion interfaces including PCIe for high-density I/O with easy installation, and iDOOR for Fieldbus modules with multiple functions and colours.

Modular Design Customisation

The innovative modular design of Advantech’s UNO series offers increased flexibility and easy customisation in order to rapidly respond to market demands. This modularisation also enables cost-effective equipment upgrades for long-term solutions and truly future-proof infrastructure.

Industrial IoT Edge Gateway for Smart Factory

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