WITTENSTEIN’s mechatronic solutions are at the core of successful servo motion applications, offering the most reliable and creative choices for designers of high performing production equipment.

Our portfolio includes cost-effective serial solutions as well as customer-specific high-end developments. With our know-how, you achieve your goals.

Innovators in servo gear technology, WITTENSTEIN offers planetary gearboxes, servo right-angle gearboxes, servo actuators, complete rack and pinion systems, design tools for the entire drive train and accessories. In addition to the standard product offering, WITTENSTEIN develops customised products, systems and solutions for highly dynamic motion, maximum-precision positioning and smart networking for mechatronic drive technology.


It’s new. It’s connective. The smart gearbox.

Mechatronic drive systems that can collect and communicate information independently are fundamental to the IIoT. WITTENSTEIN is now the first manufacturer of components to offer smart gearboxes as standard – gearboxes with cynapse. The integrated sensor module enables Industry 4.0 connectivity.

Gearboxes with cynapse are identical to the existing models in terms of design, size and contour. Drive solutions which have already been designed hence need no further modification. It is the sensor module integrated in the smart gearbox that makes the difference.

Cyber Dynamic Line

Dynamic – High Torque – Efficient

Cyber® dynamic line servomotors are the smart choice for limited space applications. These stainless steel housed motors are equipped with absolute feedback (Singleturn and Multiturn) and deliver unparalleled performance, reliability and value from the smallest package.

The motors can be optionally extended with a holding brake in Inox- and Hygienic design, planetary gearboxes or ball screws.

Rack-and-Pinion Systems of WITTENSTEIN

The perfect symbiosis of state-of-the-art technology and many years of experience. Our specialist knowledge extends from the coupling of gearbox, motor, pinion and rack to complete system solutions. 30 years of experience in the fields of gearbox construction, toothing technology and the design of complete drive systems go into our rack and pinion systems.

TPM+ Rotary Servo Actuators

More productive – more efficient – more precise

With the servo actuator TPM+ , precision planetary gearboxes and synchronous servo motors are integrated without a clutch for a unit that is flexible in its application. That wins customers over with its power, torque and torsional rigidity. In combination with short overall lengths, high power-density and smooth running: this marks a whole new level of performance – along with practical, graduated performance settings that ensure greater operating efficiency in all your production applications.

Premo – The new, powerful actuator platform

Absolute precision meets perfect movement: Premo combines precision with motion – as efficiently as never before.

The first fully scalable servo-actuator platform is an uncompromising flexibility from the viewpoint of the user. The result is a modular system that is significantly more versatile and more individual with regard to performance for the most diverse applications, that meets almost all the challenges of automation, integration and industry specification. The core of the motor/gearbox unit is a torsionally rigid precision gearbox with low backlash and excellent torque density in conjunction with the equally powerful, permanently excited synchronous servo motor, which guarantees low cogging and a constant speed through the distributed winding.


Securing – Transmitting – Equalising

Your customized coupling completes the drive train:

  • Flexible in design

  • Fine-tuning your drive

  • Maximum performance

Metal bellows couplings, elastomer couplings and torque limiters.

Product Ranges

Basic & Value Line

Basic & Value Line

Advanced Line

Advanced Line

Premium Line

Premium Line

Cyber Dynamic Line

Cyber Dynamic Line

Cynapse – It’s new. It’s connective. The smart gearbox.

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