Mitsubishi Electric MELFA ASSISTA COBOT

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To celebrate Mitsubishi Electric’s 100th anniversary you can benefit from huge savings on our range of MELFA collaborative robots.

SAP Part Number Offer Includes List Price Your Price
599253 Cooperative 1921 2kg MELFA FR with teaching box, MELFA Safe Plus and software £23,277 £19,210
599254 Collaborative 2021 5kg MELFA Assista with teaching box and software £28,276 £20,210

Reaping the benefits of cooperative manufacturing: Considerations, strategies and future-proofing

Robots and cobots can be hugely beneficial in the production environment, but the appropriate choice of technology and how well it integrates with the human workforce are critical factors in the success of any installation. The decision-making processes can be complex and the best option for any given application is not always immediately obvious.

Mitsubishi Electric Collaborative Robot

MELFA ASSISTA can share a workspace with humans because of collision detection features and strict compliance with the international safety and robotic standards ISO 10218-1 and ISO/TS15066.

This robot will change your perception of what a “robot” is.

Mitsubishi ASSISTA Cobot

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Mitsubishi ASSISTA Cobot

Move easily with the operation buttons

The operating buttons on the robot arm provide you with easy control for ASSISTA and the teaching pendant for programming and teaching is no longer needed.

The LED on the robot arm displays the status of the robot.

No need for expertise

You can create programs visually using intuitive operations with RT-Visual-Box.

“Visual Programming” – This software allows operators to simply program this robot with a “train by demonstration” programming interface. This allows them to move the robot arm position and set way-points easily.

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A Wide Variety of Components and Applications

ASSISTA offers a wide variety of components-Grippers, Fingers, Vision and other peripherals-developed by a group of organizations known as MELFA Robot Partners.

These tools can easily be set up and configured for your application.

ASSISTA can also be configured to move freely as part of an AGV/AMR or as a mobile robot.

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