65+ years of remarkable innovation
Finder was founded in 1954 by Piero Giordanino, who patented the first step relay in 1949 in Italy. Continuous development for over 60 years has led Finder to today produce over 14,500 different types of electromechanical and electronic devices for the residential, commercial and industrial sectors—all of which are manufactured in our European facilities in Italy, France and Spain.

Over the years, the company has continued to expand and is now truly global. Finder is also proud to be recognised as the relay manufacturer with the highest number of quality approvals.Having a high degree of specialisation has allowed Finder to produce the widest range of products available in the market. Finder works continuously to maintain efficiency and to implement a program of continuous improvement.

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The perfect climate and lighting within control panels

Finder’s range of industrial thermoregulation and lighting products are designed to improve lighting and to maintain the optimum climate within cabinets and control panels, helping to ensure reliability and component safety and enhance performance and efficiency.

  • 7T Series thermo-hygrostats and thermostats

  • 7F Series filter fans and exhausts

  • 7H Series panel heaters

  • 7L Series LED panel lights

Time switching made smart

Finder’s 12 Series time switches allow quick, easy and precise programming of lights and devices right from your smartphone with NFC technology (NFC), available on iOS and Android devices.

The 12 Series Astro time switches calculate sunrise and sunset time, according to location coordinates (latitude/longitude). Both the Astro and digital time switches have features including switch ON/OFF, a holiday program and pulse from 1 second to 59 minutes. Finder’s time switches are ideal for a wide range of applications including municipal lighting (street, squares, monuments, fountains…), gardens, parking, shops, illuminated signs, irrigation systems, heating and cooling plants.

  • A solution for every need

  • Light only when you really need it

  • Controlling irrigation systems

Monitor and protect your applications with Finder’s monitoring relays

Finder’s comprehensive range of single and three-phase monitoring relays can be used for a wide number of applications, from air conditioning units and escalators to industrial washing machines and luxury yachts.

The range consists of the:

The 70 and 71 series protect against damage caused by disturbances and anomalies in the power supply, ensuring safety and reliability over time. The 72 series, with fixed or adjustable sensitivity and a range of sensors, are ideal for conductive liquid detection, allowing level control, leak detection and protection of pumps from dry running.

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