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Rittal leads the world in providing solutions for industrial enclosures, power distribution, enclosure climate control and IT infrastructure. Deployed across a variety of industrial and IT applications, including automation, food and bev, transport, power generation, IT and telecommunications.

Introducing System Perfection. NEW AX. and KX. range

The launch of the new small AX and KX compact enclosures marks the digital transformation of a standardised product that has been made by Rittal for more than 50 years.

35 million units of the AE have been manufactured, making it the most popular compact enclosure in the world. It is regarded as the original, and the first-ever mass-produced industrial enclosure.

Rittal has addressed the evolving needs posed by the digital era and created a completely revamped and rethought system product and developed the NEW AX & KX range of compact and small enclosures.

  • 30 new functions: including complete interior installation with system accessories, no machining required

  • 30% less assembly time: direct machining of all enclosure panels without dismantling, as they are supplied loose.

  • 30% more space for cables: with larger gland plates for easier cable entry, even with high packaging densities.

Blue e+ cooling – The ultimate in efficiency

Let hybrid technology take your cooling units’ energy efficiency to a whole new level.

Blue e+ units have active cooling circuit with speed-regulated components for demand-based cooling and integral heat pipe for passive cooling this dissipates heat from the enclosure as soon as the ambient temperature falls below the setpoint.

  • Efficiency – 75% energy saved due speed-regulated components and heat pipe technology

  • Versatility – Suitable for international use due to multi-voltage support
  • Safety – Longer service life of the components inside the enclosure and the cooling unit due to component-friendly cooling
  • User-friendliness – Intuitive operation due to touch display and intelligent interface

VX25. System Perfection.

More options, more efficiency, less effort: This is thanks in particular to a frame profile with a 25 mm pitch pattern that is symmetrical across all levels. The VX25 is also infinitely extendable and accessible from all sides – even from the outside.

MORE ASSEMBLY FRIENDLY: Efficient engineering thanks to a frame profile with a 25mm pitch pattern that is symmetrical across all levels and can be accessed from all sides.

MORE SIMPLIFICATION: Reduced complexity with simplified baying technology. The option to bay enclosures on all four sides means users can adopt their own approach to tackling any imaginable space

MORE SPACE: Make better use of space, simplify work and save time thanks to the outstanding compatibility of the enclosure and base – even when baying enclosures and fitting accessories.

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