CDL has used HMS Anybus products as their chosen recommended choice for integration between any fieldbus and industrial Ethernet network.




With fast transfer of data between two Networks, the X-gateways help system integrators by ensuring a consistent flow of information throughout the entire plant


HMS Anybus


Connecting the PLC Worlds

Anybus X-Gateways are proven and trusted for full compatibility with all of the major PLC Manufacturers and their supported Networks, such as Mitsubishi, Siemens, Rockwell, Schneider, Omron, GE, Moeller, B&R, Bosch, Beckhoff and many more.

Network Migration

As Anybus supports all major Fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet standards, the X-gateways are the perfect solution when migrating existing Fieldbus installations into modern Industrial Ethernet networks.

Network segmentation/extension

Coupling/de-coupling different parts of a machine or extending the physical distance capability when coupling two similar networks are just some system integration needs that X-gateways are solving today.

Streamline your network infrastructure, reduce cost of ownership

Anybus X-gateways help to save on infrastructure costs by reducing cabling and eliminating the need for I/O devices. Master/Scanner versions eliminate the need for a second PLC and its configuration Software.


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