As experienced specialists in automation technology, LUTZE can provide their customers with a series of efficient cabling solutions, including cable assemblies, interfaces, current control and cabinet wiring. Their focus on Ethernet connectivity has allowed the company to develop new communication technologies that synchronise with existing networks.

This is partly due to the requirements placed on pre-existing manufacturing solutions becoming increasingly more complex. Efficiency is the buzzword and forms a crucial part of any industrial automation strategy. In addition, networking connectivity between production lines and management means that a higher proportion of automation systems require the use of PC-based controllers and Ethernet communication networks.

So what exactly is Ethernet?

In a nutshell, Ethernet is the name of a widely used, standardised communication infrastructure with various media. Integrated with higher-level communication software, Ethernet is today the basis for a large number of open industrial local networks. In contrast, many traditional office-based business networks use a closed system. However, the open and seamless transfer of information is a major priority for industrial businesses. This means that it is necessary to plan, install and administer industrial networks in such a way that they function reliably under the toughest conditions and in the harshest environments while exhibiting controllable behaviour.

The correct selection of cables, connection technology and components is thus a significant factor in reliability. In this area, LÜTZE offers a seamless system for designing network infrastructures.

To find out how you can benefit, please download our free Ethernet connectivity guide.

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