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New by Sick – Safety Inductive Switches

Following the release of the IME2s (Barrel Type Safe Inductive Proximity Switch), SICK now offer a unique rectangular Safety switch.










New by Sick, the yellow inductive safety switches and the blue inductive sensors have the same functional principle but are used for different tasks. The yellow safe inductive switches are used to prevent accidents, unwanted collisions or incorrect production processes whereas the blue inductive sensor are used for presence, speed and position control. Very often both product types are required on a machine.

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Sick – Safety light curtains TWINOX4

What are the benefits of Sick’s Safety Light Curtains TWINOX4?



  • Offer great flexibility and enables optimum integration into the machine design due to the small, elegant stainless steel housing that saves space.
  • For maximum reliability, the highest level of media resistance is offered
  • Efficient cleaning ensures high process and production quality and a low risk of contamination
  • Reduced storage needs and spare parts maintenance equal cost savings
  • Adjustable brackets ensure the highest availability
  • LED status indicators and quick on-site diagnostics that cover the entire protective field height


Sick’s Safety Light Curtains TWINOX4 overview at a glance



  • Easy to clean without undercuts and with rounded edges
  • Sender and Receiver in a single housing (twin concept)
  • Media resistance due to stainless steel housing
  • Beam coding, restart interlock & external device monitoring (EDM)
  • IP65 and IP67 enclosure ratings

Sick’s Safety Light Curtains TWINOX4 have a compact design for maximum reliability. The pharmaceutical industry require products that are highly resistant and rugged due to aggressive cleaning and decontamination agents used.  The TWINOX4 has been specifically designed for use in this industry and since it has no edges or gaps, its design is particulary  suitable for machines with stringent hygiene requirements.

What applications can you use Sick’s Safety Light Curtains TWINOX4?



  • Pharmaceutical industry: Primary packaging plants and filling machines with sterile conditions
  • Isolators
  • Restricted Access Barrier System (RABS)


An example being:-

Pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities need to guarantee maximum product protection. This is achieved by means of physical barriers that separate the product and users. Glove ports allow access to the process without the risk of contamination. To ensure that interventions only occur when processing has stopped, the TWINOX4 safety light curtain protects the access points. Thanks to its stainless-steel housing, the TWINOX4 is suitable for all common decontamination processes.

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SICK Next-Generation Photoelectric Sensors Pilot the Future of Sensing



Launched in a global release today, SICK’s next-generation W16 and W26 sensors with “BluePilot” alignment are at the helm of a streamlined portfolio of photoelectric sensors, radically-upgraded to optimise ease-of-use with complete object detection reliability.

The W16 and W26 proximity, reflex and through-beam laser sensors are manufactured at a purpose-built, fully-automated production facility in southern Germany.  They mark the culmination of a two-year, €multi-million research and development project involving extensive consultation with SICK customers worldwide.

“When we asked our customers what was most important for future development of photoelectric object detection, they put usability top of the list; they already expected our sensors to be robust, 100% reliable and always available,” says David Hannaby, SICK’s UK Product Manager for Presence Detection.

“So, we set out on a journey to achieve the best of all worlds in one family. We developed the new operating technologies our customers wanted, as well as bringing together all of SICK’s leading optical sensing capabilities to produce a consistent high-flier.”

For usability, the W16 and W26 sensors are launched with SICK’s new BluePilot assistant, which features a line of five LEDs mounted on top of the sensor for quick, easy and accurate alignment of the light spot even over long distances.  The BluePilot combines a potentiometer and teach-in button to simplify set up, range assessment and application mode selection, and provides a real-time on-sensor status display.

Manufactured in new robotic production facility to ensure consistent plug-and-play alignment of every device, SICK W16 and W26 sensors bring together the best of SICK’s optical sensing technologies to meet any detection challenge:


  • SICK’s patented Twin-Eye technology achieves reliable detection for reflective materials such as films, foils, contrast-rich or uneven surfaces. The Twin-Eye’s unique second receiving channel builds in high process stability reducing the risk of false or missed signals due to deflections of the light beam.
  • SICK has incorporated LineSpot linear optics to provide highly-reliable detection where the object has mesh, perforations, integral gaps or breaks.
  • SICK ClearSens optical filter technology makes light work of semi-transparent and transparent objects, such as bottles and plastic trays. Intuitive mode selection on the device make it easy to set up the sensor according to the characteristics of object to be detected.
  • With SICK’s revolutionary OptoFilter technology onboard, the sensors are immune to interference from unwanted light sources and reflections, including LED lighting, hi-viz safety workwear or reflections from machinery.
  • SICK’s AutoAdapt function means if the reflector or the front screen of the sensor becomes contaminated, the photoelectric sensor automatically adjusts its switching thresholds for reliable detection.


An industry-first in-built Bluetooth option allows easy monitoring and advanced commissioning from smart phones or tablets.Smart IO-Link two-way communication is standard on all devices to enable easy set up and parameter cloning of replacement sensors, addressability and diagnostic functions, as well as opportunity to incorporate sensor-level smart tasks such as counting and time measurement.

Every W16 and W26 comes in a robust Vistal housing to withstand all chemical, thermal and mechanical environmental conditions as well shocks and vibrations.  The casing is laser-etched with all product identification so that the sensor remains easily identifiable even after years of service.  A 2D barcode enables easy identification and access to product manuals via mobile phone.

For more information on SICK’s W16 and W26 sensors please click here…

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CDL brings Mechatronics to the MTC in Coventry




Mechatronics is a multidisciplinary field of science that includes a combination of mechanical engineering, electronics and Control Systems and despite being around for more than 50 Years, today we are seeing a real time need to connect Industry. To ensure that we continue to move with current industry trends CDL has brought together a few of their strongest Manufacturers at the Manufacturing Technology Centre in Coventry where they were able to  showcase new products and integrated solutions that combined, strenghtens their systems with Industry 4.0 and The Internet of Things placing them firmly at the front of their mind.

The Mechatronics workshop was centered around the Mitsubishi Automation Platform, and supported by key manufacturers such as SMC, SICK and SMAC. Each manufacturer presented live presentations of their showcased lineup and performed in-house product demonstrations along with Q&A session at the end of each section.

Manufacturers Product line ups included:

Mitsubishi: IQF & IQR Simple Motion and Robot,A800 GOT Integration, Smart Condition.Monitoring & Guided Operator Solutions.

SMC: Electric Actuators & Grippers.

SMAC: Precision Electric Actuators and the famous SMAC actuator hand

SICK: Inspection/Vision cameras and Scanners.
In addition to the live presentations an open exhibition area was available, where attendees could discuss individual systems and products in greater depth with numerous application specialists.

Mitsubishi Logo                  SMC Logo                   SMAC logo                  Sick Logo



Mitsubishi Factory Automation Product Manager Barry Weller talking through the many Features and Benefits of using the New IQF and IQR PLC Platforms



As an added benefit guests were also offered a guided tour of the MTC and given exclusive availability around
their spectacular premises to see up close the latest manufacturing technologies from some of the UK’s most innovative manufacturing businesses


CDL are planning to run more similar events throughout 2017 so keep checking our social media feeds, website and Blog for further details regarding future events.

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Sick OD Mini Short Range Distance Sensor

Simple, precise, and economic solutions for measuring tasks; the OD Mini short range distance sensors (displacement) are impressive with their compact and rugged housing, which is available in a lightweight aluminum or a rugged stainless steel.OD_Mini_short_range_distance

These sensors are equipped with the latest CMOS receiver technology for precise measurement, regardless of the brightness and color of the surface material. The integrated amplifier unit enables the OD Mini to work on a stand-alone basis. Cabling to an external amplifier unit is no longer an issue. The OD Mini is simple to configure due to its intuitive design and display with four status LEDs. The OD Mini can also be remotely programmed via the external teaching input. The large number of available interfaces also simplifies integration into industrial networks. This ensures the highest possible reliability and precision when solving a wide range of measurement tasks.

At a glance

  • Compact, robust housing
  • Integrated amplifier unit, no additional unit necessary
  • Display and LEDs on device for visualization of current status
  • Wide range of interfaces available Simple teach-in using display or external teaching input
  • CMOS receiver unit for precise, fast measurement in the µm range
  • Different measuring ranges enabling measurement from 10 mm up to 250 mm

Your benefits

  • Cost-saving commissioning through simple operating concept and display small installation size and low weight also allow use in highly dynamic applications
  • Reduction in cabling, as no additional amplifier unit is necessary
  • High machine throughput thanks to reliable measurement, regardless of brightness and color of surface
  • The wide range of available interfaces enables simple integration into industrial networks
  • Optimum performance even at high production speeds

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Sick deTec4 Core Safety Light Curtains

Sick have designed a new range of Light Curtains – the deTec4. Offering efficient integration, from planning & selection through to installation.



The deTec4 Safety Light Curtains are produced to Type 4 (IEC 61496), PL e (EN ISO 13849) and have a resolution of 14mm or 30mm with a protective field height of 300mm to 2,100mm. They also have an automation range measurement of up to 10m, an ambient operating temperature of -30°c to +55°c and an enclosure rating of IP65/IP67.

The deTec4 Safety Light Curtains benefit the user as they are easy to assemble, having innovative mounting and no blind zones.  Thanks to an integrated LED display and the automatic range measurement, they are quick to commission.  They come with a M12, 5 pin connector as standard to reduce costs and are quick to replace when servicing is required due to their basic function that does not require a lot of effort to configure.

The deTec4 Safety Light Curtains are ideal for use in Automotive, handling & warehousing systems, machine tools and the packaging industry.

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