What are the benefits of Sick’s Safety Light Curtains TWINOX4?


  • Offer great flexibility and enables optimum integration into the machine design due to the small, elegant stainless steel housing that saves space.
  • For maximum reliability, the highest level of media resistance is offered
  • Efficient cleaning ensures high process and production quality and a low risk of contamination
  • Reduced storage needs and spare parts maintenance equal cost savings
  • Adjustable brackets ensure the highest availability
  • LED status indicators and quick on-site diagnostics that cover the entire protective field height


Sick’s Safety Light Curtains TWINOX4 overview at a glance



  • Easy to clean without undercuts and with rounded edges
  • Sender and Receiver in a single housing (twin concept)
  • Media resistance due to stainless steel housing
  • Beam coding, restart interlock & external device monitoring (EDM)
  • IP65 and IP67 enclosure ratings

Sick’s Safety Light Curtains TWINOX4 have a compact design for maximum reliability. The pharmaceutical industry require products that are highly resistant and rugged due to aggressive cleaning and decontamination agents used.  The TWINOX4 has been specifically designed for use in this industry and since it has no edges or gaps, its design is particulary  suitable for machines with stringent hygiene requirements.

What applications can you use Sick’s Safety Light Curtains TWINOX4?



  • Pharmaceutical industry: Primary packaging plants and filling machines with sterile conditions
  • Isolators
  • Restricted Access Barrier System (RABS)


An example being:-

Pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities need to guarantee maximum product protection. This is achieved by means of physical barriers that separate the product and users. Glove ports allow access to the process without the risk of contamination. To ensure that interventions only occur when processing has stopped, the TWINOX4 safety light curtain protects the access points. Thanks to its stainless-steel housing, the TWINOX4 is suitable for all common decontamination processes.

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