Sick have designed a new range of Light Curtains – the deTec4. Offering efficient integration, from planning & selection through to installation.



The deTec4 Safety Light Curtains are produced to Type 4 (IEC 61496), PL e (EN ISO 13849) and have a resolution of 14mm or 30mm with a protective field height of 300mm to 2,100mm. They also have an automation range measurement of up to 10m, an ambient operating temperature of -30°c to +55°c and an enclosure rating of IP65/IP67.

The deTec4 Safety Light Curtains benefit the user as they are easy to assemble, having innovative mounting and no blind zones.  Thanks to an integrated LED display and the automatic range measurement, they are quick to commission.  They come with a M12, 5 pin connector as standard to reduce costs and are quick to replace when servicing is required due to their basic function that does not require a lot of effort to configure.

The deTec4 Safety Light Curtains are ideal for use in Automotive, handling & warehousing systems, machine tools and the packaging industry.

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