Introduced in the early 1980s, micro-PLCs have become staple tools for electrical engineers, with industry giants like Schneider, Mitsubishi, Siemens, and Rockwell dominating the market. Any new entrant to this competitive and established market faces significant challenges unless they bring something innovative to the table. Enter the Finder OPTA 8A, a programmable logic relay (PLR) that does exactly that.

Innovative Engineering with Finder OPTA 8A

The OPTA 8A represents a unique offering for engineers looking to integrate smart logic into control cabinets, machines, or automation projects. Its standout feature is the combination of ultra-secure connectivity at the hardware level, and the capability to perform over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates. Because of this, it ensures that the device remains current and optimally functional without the need for manual updates.

Collaboration with Arduino

Development of the OPTA 8A was a collaboration between Finder and Arduino to make a versatile and freely programmable device. It supports traditional IEC 61131-3 programming languages like Ladder and FBD (Function Block Diagram), and the open-source Arduino IDE.

Users also benefit from existing software libraries and sketches to develop intelligent control for industrial, OEM, or building automation projects. With its capacity for extensive real-time computing operations, OPTA 8A is particularly convenient for predictive maintenance applications.

Three Versatile Models

The OPTA 8A is available in three models, each featuring 12 I/O with eight inputs and four outputs:

  • LITE: Offers USB-C for programming and data logging.
  • PLUS: Includes RJ45 connectivity for Ethernet or Modbus TCP/IP.
  • ADVANCED: Adds Wi-Fi and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) capabilities.

An integrated high-level crypto chip in each model also ensures secure data transfer from the hardware to the cloud.

Expanded Range with Essential Accessories

The OPTA range is further enhanced by its accessories, which connect side-by-side on the DIN rail adjacent to the OPTA. These include:

  • – An optional power supply that provides uninterrupted operation under heavy loads or peak demands and protects against electrical supply fluctuations.
  • – Three new extension blocks introduced in 2023, expanding the product line to include 24 I/O relay outputs, 24 I/O with triac outputs, and an analogue extension featuring six PT100/1000 inputs, two analogue outputs, and four PWM outputs.

The versatility and affordability of OPTA makes it ideal for an array of applications across home, industrial, and commercial settings. Additionally, its availability through leading specialist automation distributor BPX ensures that support and stock are always within reach.


The Finder OPTA 8A breaks new ground in the micro-PLC market, offering a robust and innovative solution that meets the evolving needs of modern automation projects. Whether for upgrading existing systems or designing new installations, the OPTA 8A is ready to become a go-to choice for forward-thinking engineers.

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