Finder has launched a new concept in interface relays under their 39 Series MasterINTERFACE banner which is taking the market by storm.

With an Ultraslim design ( 6.2 mm wide) and with some simple and versatile additions offering both valuable savings on time and space, makes this relay highly suitable for interfacing with PLC-controlled automated systems:

Available in 5 different variants;

MasterBASIC Offering ease of mounting on 35mm DIN rail with the ability to offer quick and easy connection to PLCs via a Master Adapter, allowing multiple relays to be mounted together for ease of commoning via jumper links which come in three different colours, Blue, Red and Black meaning that can easily be plugged in reducing the need to individually wire each relay.

MasterPLUS, is a fused variant presenting a unique feature offering protection to the output circuit, thanks to its replaceable fuse. The main use is to protect the relay output against any accidental overcurrent or short circuit. Replacement of fuses (5×20 mm) is made possible thanks to the pull-out accessory.

MasterINPUT and MasterOUTPUT allow significant time saving with regards to connection in applications where a single contact closure is required. These models allow a direct connection to the interface without the need for additional terminals, thus saving space in the panel.
“MasterINPUT” can be used in interface applications between sensors, contacts or limit switches and PLC input circuits, while “MasterOutput” is suitable for interfacing between PLC outputs and relays, motors and solenoids.

MasterTIMER is a Multifunction and Multi-scale timed interface module.


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