Lutze supply high quality cables in numerous variants. Their specialised knowledge of flexible cables and cable assembly supports your installation and they have a wide range of products:-

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• C-track cables
• Energy chains / C-tracks
• Network cables
• Control cables
• Servo cables
• Bus cables
• Halogen-free cables

Whether you require shielded or unshielded, if its for power, signals, data, spiraled, halogen-free, temperature resistant, made of silicone, etc. then take a look at Lutze.L-luetze-electronic-busleitung-pvc-tpe-pur-800

Protection and fitting are also important for the cable

Cables only maintain their full functionality with secure, stable and also adverse application areas, resistant cable fittings, cable conduit and protective tube cable fittings. With Lutze products, you reduce the bend radius of cable connections between stationary and moving parts which are frequently the weak point in machine tools and plant construction right from the start.

Your product advantages are:

• Single conductors with adequate play are subjected to fewer alternating tensile strains when bendingJ-luetze-superflex-tpe-
• Tube configuration with conductors in line with requirements in the necessary gauges
• Uncomplicated retrofitting is possible
• Fluid-protected and capable of withstanding tensile stress

Downtimes, expensive repairs and loss of production, including your reputation damage, are no longer issues for you.  Lutze ensures that each of your cables finds the right connection!

Lutze also carries tools and all accessories for the cable.  From the comb rail to the spiral band, from the wire strippers to the cable knife, from multi-mark marking sleeves to the conductor and cable labels, rails for marker holders or conductor labels.

For further information or if you require a quotation, get in touch!



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