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Rittal Cooling Panels

Rittal have a large range of cooling products that will address the problem of overheating panels.




Rittal’s TopTherm fan-and-filter units are an energy efficient means of cooling enclosures but require a clean and cool environment to operate effectively. Air-to-air heat exchangers have separate internal and external air paths, preventing dirt and dust from entering the panel, but still require a cool ambient air to deliver the required cooling.

Rittal’s cooling units also have separate air circuits but are capable of cooling the air inside an enclosure to a temperature lower than that of the ambient as well as maintaining a clean internal environment. In the case of thermoelectric coolers, the Peltier effect is used to deliver modest amounts of cooling, typically to small panels, offering a lightweight and compact solution. Units from the Rittal TopTherm Blue e range incorporate a refriger-ant circuit and so have larger nominal cooling capacities, up to 4 kW.

Rittal’s air-to-water heat exchangers can maintain the air inside a panel at a temperature lower than that of the surrounding air and have an additional benefit of allowing heat to be dissipated remotely. Water is the cooling medium used to transport thermal energy to an alternative location, where it may be discharged without increasing the temperature in an already warm environment. To complete the chilled water system a Rittal chiller can be used to return the water to its’ original condition before recirculating to the heat exchanger.

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Rittal Flex-Block Product Information

Rittals popular flex-block plinth until now, has been available as a total packaged solution, ordering as a single part number.  Following feedback from their customers, this package is about to change to provide even further benefits.

trim side panels

trim side panels


corner blocks

corner blocks



To eliminate unwanted trim panel when baying enclosures together, you can now purchase the Flex-Block plinth and its components, corner blocks, trim side, front and rear panels seperately thus solving the current issue of waste.

Not only is this a more cost effective solution but other benefits include less part numbers to cover the enclosure range and spare parts such as damaged trims can be ordered quickly and easily.

Until Rittal have exhausted its stock, the former packaging will still be available but it is currently being phased out.

If you have any questions or require a copy of the conversion table for the packaged units, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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Between 24th June until 19th July 2013, the new Rittal Flex-Block plinth (100mm high) is being supplied “free” with every new order on the SE 8 Floor Standing Enclosures.

Flex-Block Plinth

Flex-Block Plinth




Not only is this saving up to 10% off the list price, it is also giving you time saved during the assembly that the Flex-Block provides.

For further information, please contact us.

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Rittal Announces CDL as their Rittal Alliance Partner of the Year


 rittalCDL accepts Rittal’s Prestigious Award at this Years Hannover Messe confirming them as the UK’s Number One Alliance Partner of choice



CDL Presentation2

Company Director Lee Clarke (Right) of Controls and Drives Ltd in Leicester travelled as a guest of Rittal UK to this Years Hannover Exhibition and can be seen in this picture recieving his Award from Thomas Rehhorn (Centre) Director of International Sales, Export Northern Europe.




Controls and Drives Limited were announced as the most dominant figure for Rittal in 2012 and have continued to grow their business in the UK , ensuring that they are always up to date with current standards and Market Trends in their Industry.

Maintaining a Positive and Proactive attitude towards Rittal and Aligning with their Strategies, combined with providing an extensive Stockholding, Technical knowledge and customer Service enabled CDL to stand out as the number one Rittal UK Partner of Choice.

Ian Clarke, Rittal UK’s Industrial Sales Director also seen in the Picture (Left) accompanied customers and Partners during a 3 day Trip where all participants enjoyed a full itenary including tours of the Rittal Factories starting with their HQ  in Herborn , and then manufacturing plants in Rittershausen where the floor standing enclosures are manufactured and Rennerod where the Climate control products are produced.

CDL are proud to be working with Rittal who are the UK’s market leading manufacturer of electrical enclosures. Their extensive range of standard enclosures and enclosure accessories is complimented by bespoke and application specific products from Control desks to kiosks. To aid with the planning process Rittal’s EPLAN software has also become the benchmark in electrical design streamlining both the design and drawing process.

CDL would like to Thank Rittal UK for their continued support and will continue to develope their already successful business model to ensure that they are a nominee for next Years award.


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