Advantech has introduced two new Industrial Communication Gateways tailored to meet the evolving needs of the green energy market. They reflect the demands of both micro generation power plants and factory operations for comprehensive wireless and Ethernet communications solutions. The new models, ECU-1370 and ECU-1260 reflect continuous development and innovation to providing sustainable energy solutions.


As the renewable energy industry grows, expectations are for the planning and construction of more micro power plants worldwide. Current concerns among power plant owners and grid companies include data accuracy, operation efficiency, and asset management. Advantech’s distributed power management solutions offer a unified monitoring management system.

Moreover, its machine-to-intelligence technology and a solid IoT data framework will meet most managerial demands. By intelligently controlling decentralised energy plants they offer a flexible way to provide reliable short-term power to the grid to cover peak load electricity demand.

Advantech’s Industrial Communication Gateways also contribute to environmental sustainability by focusing on the green energy market and reducing carbon emissions. The series can play a pivotal role in the management of solar, wind, biomass and other renewable energy systems. It offers users enhanced efficiency and reliability through it field site managements and distributed power and maintenance reporting systems. At its heart are the new high-performance gateways.

New High-Performance Gateways: ECU-1370 and ECU-1260

The ECU-1370 and ECU-1260 models embody pioneering technology and robust features tailored for green energy applications. The ECU-1370 has a Cortex®-A53 Quad core 1.3GHz processor, 4GB DDR4, and 32GB eMMC, making it ideal for demanding applications. It offers multiple communication interfaces including CAN, RS-232/485, and GbE, along with 24 DI and 6 Relay outputs. It also operates efficiently at temperatures from -40 to 80°C, ensuring reliability in various environmental conditions. The ECU-1260, on the other hand, has a Cortex®-A35 Dual Core 1GHz processor, 2GB DDR3L, and 16GB eMMC. It also provides CAN, RS-232/485, and GbE interfaces. Its durable design features of operating in temperatures ranging -40 to 70°C, making it suitable for diverse industrial settings.

Industrial Communication Gateways

A gateway functions as a bridge to make communication possible between different architectures and protocols and manage traffic. They repackage and convert data going from one network to another network so that it can understand the other’s application data. A gateway repackages information to match the protocol requirements of the destination system.

Gateways can change the format of a message so that it will conform to the application program at the receiving end of the transfer. A gateway links two systems that might not use the same communication protocols and data formatting structures to provide bi-directional communications.

Enhanced connectivity

Advantech’s Industrial Communication Gateways offers many robust and versatile features, including multi-protocol support and high-performance IoT capabilities. Moreover, its industrial-grade design ensures reliability in challenging environments. Most of the gateways have EdgeLink data acquisition software onboard to supporting over 200 OT drivers to connect to various devices, and enable smooth data flow across diverse protocols like IEC 61850, IEC 60870, OCPP, DNP3, and more.

Also, leveraging the power of Advantech’s EdgeHub SaaS, the gateways in the large-scale infrastructures are suitable for remote monitoring and managed on the single platform, saving 30% on setup and maintenance. The comprehensive gateway solutions facilitate seamless edge-to-cloud integration and simplifies the management of an array of renewable energy systems.

Digital transformation can improve every aspect of production and energy management. It enables producers to optimise resources and target strategic priorities such as minimising downtime, lowering maintenance costs, and improving operational safety through automated monitoring.

Advantech provides managers with usable real-time data and intelligent analytics to optimise both management and productivity. They deliver solutions for remote equipment control and monitoring to improve management efficiency. Using industrial IoT, allows the exchange of equipment information from end to end, enabling producers to identify inefficiencies and problems sooner, providing business intelligence that saves time and money.

Advantech industrial communication gateways offer a substantial opportunity for new providers to access the UK renewable energy market. Using proven technology, they allow you to make the remote connections you need simply, reliably and quickly.

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