Phoenix “new” STEP POWER PSU are the first devices in the world and at the highest level possible, to deliver efficiency Level VI.

Certified to EN 60335, these compact power supplies can be used in all domestic applications.  Their main features include:-

  • Performance increased by up to 100%
  • Conductor/PCB connection direction: 45°
  • EN 60335 certification
  • Overall width reduced by 1 HP
  • Efficiency: > 94%
  • No-load losses: < 0.1 W
  • Flexible mounting on a DIN rail or flat surface
  • Wide temperature range: -10°C …  +70°C

The advantages of these “new” STEP POWER PSU for building automation include Energy savings with the highest level of efficiency in no-load and part-load operation (Efficiency Level VI), Space savings in the control cabinet due to the narrow design combined with increased performance (up to 100%), Approval for household purposes (EN 60335) enables use in domestic applications for the first time and Quick and easy startup with tool-free Push-in connection technology at a 45° angle with a double terminal point.

There are 5 units currently available, see here 

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