Lutze Valve Connector SuppressorWorking closely with Lutze, who develop and build electronic and electro-mechanical components for the Automation Industry, we would like to tell you about their new product.

The new Lutze Suppressors for valves are ready-made, pre-assembled components that meet the demands for many users in the industrial market.  The pre-assembled PUR cable meets to IP67 and due to its moulded design, can be used in harsh environments outside of the control cabinet.  A big advantage of this is a maximum of 50% reduction in energy consumption and Lutze say the purchase price will be fully recovered within a year due to this.  The suppressor is commonly used for the power supply of hydraulic valves. It can also be used in a working temperature range between -25 °C and +80 °C.

This new suppressor is configured with a protection device and LED status indication and can be used with a current range of up to 2 amps.  It has a contact distance of 18mm to meet with design A requirements.  The cable is UL and CSA certified and the actual suppressor meets standards EN 175301-803 (DIN 43 650), ISO 4400

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