Unmatched Communication and PLC Independence from Beijer

Explore HMI excellence with Beijer ElectronicsAre you on the hunt for a cutting-edge HMI solution for your machine portfolio? Dive into the exceptional range of HMI solutions provided by the visualisation experts at Beijer Electronics. The X2 series offers a versatile platform for software control, data communication, and visualisation. This integrative approach empowers machine builders to save space, cut costs, and optimise overall system performance. Beijer Electronics’ HMI solutions are compatible with a vast array of automation systems and devices, thanks to an extensive range of drivers. This ensures seamless integration, regardless of the underlying technology or brand. 

Tailored HMI Solutions for Every Need

Beijer offers a flexible array of HMI solutions, allowing machine builders to select the perfect product for their unique requirements. From meeting stringent environmental and industry standards such as Ex and Marine, to offering various screen sizes, performance levels, and integrated control and connectivity options, Beijer has you covered.

Simplified HMI Software Development

Beijer HMI solutions come with intuitive programming environments, comprehensive libraries, and support for industry-standard protocols. This simplifies the integration process and reduces development time for machine builders.

Revolutionary WebIQ Toolbox

The award-winning WebIQ toolbox offers powerful visualisation software, enabling machine builders to design sophisticated HMIs with a fully web-based approach. Developed with HTML5 and JavaScript, WebIQ supports an extensive range of devices and operating systems, from smartphones to PLC controllers. This promotes efficient data communication, enabling real-time supervision and fostering faster, more informed decisions.

Enhanced User Experience & Improved Accessibility

Explore HMI excellence with Beijer ElectronicsBeijer focuses on delivering user-friendly interfaces and graphical programming environments, helping machine builders create HMIs that are easy to operate, leading to improved productivity and reduced operator errors. With WebIQ’s browser-based interfaces, machine builders can enjoy remote access to their systems, making it possible to control and oversee operations from virtually anywhere.

Future-Proofing Your Equipment

Choosing an HMI solution from Beijer Electronics means future-proofing your equipment. Beijer stays at the forefront of industry advancements, integrating new technologies into their HMI solutions. This ensures that machine builders always have access to the latest features and capabilities.

Overall, Beijer Electronics’ HMI solutions offer compatibility, flexibility, easy integration, enhanced user experience, maintenance and support, and future-proofing benefits for machine builders.

If you would like to talk to one of our experts about Beijer Electronics products, please use our contact page to get in touch.

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