Welcome to the Future of Industrial Automation with the NEW Mitsubishi Electric MELFA RV-12CRL-D!

As pioneers in industrial robotics, we’re thrilled to introduce the game-changing Mitsubishi Electric MELFA RV-12CRL-D. This latest marvel in the MELFA series promises to revolutionise efficiency and productivity with its cutting-edge capabilities and advanced features.

Innovating Productivity with Advanced Functions

The MELFA RV-12CRL-D boasts a remarkable 12kg payload, adding significant muscle to the RV-CR series. Its unrivalled reach radius of 1504 mm, the longest in its class, enables seamless automation for diverse applications, from processing machines to logistics. This exceptional reach ensures precision and versatility, meeting the multifaceted demands of modern industries.

Mitsubishi MELFA RV-12CRL-D specifications

Effortless Management of Substantial Loads

The RV-12CRL-D shines in its ability to manage heavy and bulky objects effortlessly. With a 90% increase in inertia for heavy loads and large hand handling, this robot offers high-speed wrist movement, streamlining the handling of substantial workpieces like PCBs. This advancement is poised to transform industries that demand quick and precise handling of large items.

Bespoke Choices for Exceptional Performance

Mitsubishi has outfitted the RV-12CRL-D with a comprehensive array of standard equipment and customisable options, making it adaptable to various applications. Featuring battery-less and oil mist specifications, a robust I/O card, and 32 standard I/O points, this robot is designed for seamless integration. Optional features like the force sensor allow users to customise the robot, ensuring peak performance in any setting.

Smart Operations for High Efficiency

Beyond its stellar technical specs, the RV-12CRL-D offers smart operations such as advanced assembly functions; boosting productivity and efficiency on the factory floor. Its compact, cleverly designed arm minimises wiring requirements, simplifying both installation and maintenance while maximising operational efficiency. With an improved operating speed of the wrist, this robot delivers fantastic performance in difficult industrial environments.

The Mitsubishi MELFA RV-12CRL-D marks a monumental leap in industrial automation, blending advanced capabilities with unmatched performance and versatility. Ideal for manufacturing, logistics, or assembly, the RV-12CRL-D sets a new benchmark for efficiency, precision, and reliability, driving businesses forward in the Industry 4.0 era.

Mitsubishi Electric Robotic Arm MELFA RV-12CRL-D

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