One integrated platform for all your automation needs

Whatever your electric automation project Festo have the seamless electric automation solution for you. Whether you need electromechanical systems, servo motors and servo drives to complete positioning systems, motion control solutions, handling systems or decentralised control solutions there is an engineered solution to meet your requirements. Combined with our Automotive Suite software make the commissioning process quick and easy.
Flexibility is assured as you can decide how much you want to automate with Festo and which of our products you want to combine with your in-house requirements. This greater flexibility ensures you can adapt your system gradually whilst staying within your budget.

Easy to use just plug and work

Solving simple motion tasks electrically is now possible with the Simplified Motion Series from Festo. The range of electric drives combines the simplicity of use with the benefits of electric automation to offer users an affordable solution that is easy to install and operate.

Festo‘s series includes linear and rotary electromechanical components integrated with optimised servo drives. There is no need for a control cabinet, because the Simplified Motion Series can be mounted directly in the machine.

Commissioning is quick and easy and configuration doesn’t require any special software or specific know-how. The motion can be simply controlled via digital I/O (DIO) or I/O Link.

Cost effective & simple motion control

A low-cost system with optimised performance that makes moving and positioning easier than ever before and considerably cheaper than traditional servo solutions. It comprises a mechanical system with permanently mounted motor and drive system (motor controller) with integrated web browser technology and matching connecting cables. All products in the OMS product family can be easily mounted together to create a complete 2, 3 or 4 axis handling system which can be best adapted for each user’s individual requirements, enabling them to build efficient and reliable machines.

Perfectly integrated for high performance

The complete servo drive system is ideally suited for point-to-point and interpolating motion with a focus on dynamic motion and precise positioning. The drive and motors are perfectly integrated, connected via a one-cable solution and can be quickly commissioned using the free Festo Automation Suite. The closed-loop controller concept for Ethernet-based bus systems allows virtually seamless fieldbus integration into the products of major controller manufacturers, for example Siemens, Rockwell, Beckhoff.

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