Easy to install, Festo DFPI Linear actuators are robust and reliable in operation.

These actuators now have a mounting interface to ISO 15552.  They are suitable for regulating air dampers, processing bulk materials as well as for regulating flow and fill levels.

  • Optional integrated positioner or integrated displacement encoder
  • Mounting interface to ISO 15552 or DIN 3358
  • Double-acting
  • Suitable for swivel motions
  • Robust plug socket to protect the pneumatic and electrical connections
  • IP65, IP67, IP69K

The standardised mounting interface with comprehensive accessories means it is easy to install in a wide variety of situations.
The sturdy collar nuts make it possible to mount process valves using stud bolts. The optimised piston rod guide enables
swivel motions, which are necessary for regulating ventilation flaps. eg: The DFPI easily absorbs the transverse forces on the
piston rod.   The DFPI is sturdy and reliable due to its compact design, high IP and corrosion protection and the integration of
the positioner or displacement encoder, even in places that were inaccessible previously.  The DFPI is a compact unit that is
easy and quick to install.

Available in 2 versions are the adjustable standards-based linear actuators DFPI-NB3P to ISO 15552: the DFPI-…-E-… with a
potentiometric displacement encoder which supplies an analogue voltage signal (proportional to the piston position) for an
external positioner. And the DFPI-…-C1V-… with fully integrated positioner. The DFPI-…-C1V-… has a factory set safety position
in case the operating voltage or analogue setpoint fails.  The position specification and feedback is provided by an analogue
set point signal 4 … 20 mA, while the travel speed is regulated by the integrated flow control screws. Its new piston rod guide
also permits transverse forces so that the DFPI is capable of swivel motions which are needed for regulating air dampers, for
example. The DFPI is also suitable for movement of linear-actuated process valves, such as knife gate valves, pinch valves or
proportional slides. So that you can master any situation, there is a wide range of accessories for a variety of applications.

Complete ISO 15552 accessories
• Piston rod attachments
•Swivel flange for end cap
•Flange and foot mountings
•Compensating elements
•Rod eyes, rod clevises
•Retainer for proximity switch
•Also available in corrosion-resistant designs
DFPI-NB3 specific accessories
•Adapter for ext. positioner DADG-AK-F6-A2
•Pre-assembled connecting cable NHSB-A1
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