ILME UK Industrial Plugs and Sockets cover a wide range of different installation requirements. The plugs and socket-outlets are suitable for fixed or mobile installations. The fixed plugs and socket-outlets may be wall or flush mounted.ilme

Due to the wide range of Ilme enclosures of the FM, FC, TM, QM and BK series (types BC…) the flush-mounting plugs and socket outlets can be assembled rapidly in a group configuration. These construction features enable Ilme plugs and socket outlets to be suitable for use in a lot of demanding applications such as:-

  • Mechanical Industry
  • Shipbuilding
  • Chemical and petrochemica
  • Services sector
  • Building industry
  • Agricultural and livestock breeding sector

When selecting the correct type of plugs and socket-outlets, you must consider the following parameters:-

  • The rated current of the equipment to be power supplied via the plug and socket
  • The rated voltage of the power supply and the type of distribution (single or 3 phase, with or without the neutral conductor)  to determine the number of poles for the hour position.  The 1h (hour position) is available for all those voltages or voltage ranges of >50V and for frequencies not covered by the standards.
  • Fixed or mobile installation to determine the construction type of the plug and socket.  (flush mounting straight or inclined, wall, mobile, mobile angled).
  • The location of the installation to determine the level of protection required, IP44 or IP67.  In some areas the installation standard requires a very low voltage so check that too.

The following types of plug and socket outlets are available:-

  • Wall mounting plugs and socket outlets, low and extra low voltage.
  • Plug and socket outlets and straight flush mounting sockets, low and extra low voltage.
  • Plugs and inclined flush mounting socket outlets, low voltage.
  • Straight plugs and couplers, low and extra low voltage.
  • Angled plugs, low voltage.
  • 5 pole plugs with phase inverter, low voltage, SIP type.
  • 5 pole single block plugs and socket outlets, low voltage, PEM type for automated cabling.


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  1. Mr.Leong 5 April 2016 at 3:12 pm - Reply

    Dear sir,
    I am looking for ILME Plug IP65 63A 3Pole mode PEW 6363SV , qty 50 to 100 units .

    Please quote best prices and delivery time .

    Leong Jeremy

  2. Moh. Imron 20 May 2018 at 3:03 am - Reply

    Price request
    Dear Sirs

    Please give the best price for this item:
    1. PEW6365PP 63Amps, 414Volt, 3P+E+N Female, Wall Mount socket ILME … Qty. 34 ea
    2. PEW1663PP 16Amps 230Volt, 2P+E Female Wall Mount Socket ILME … Qty. 54 ea
    Next I wait for an answer as soon as possible

    That is all and thank you


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