Ilme new MIXO RJ45 inserts can be supplied in the new CAT. 6 Ethernet version adequate for 10 Gigabits connection.MIXO

The main advantages of the new Mixo RJ45 Inserts series are:

– dimensions reduced to one module;
– the possibility to use IDC connectors (no crimping tongs required).

Type of product:
CX 01 J8F – female insert with 1 RJ45 CAT. 6 female connector
CX 01 J8M – male insert for 1 RJ45 crimp male connector
CX 01 J8IM – male insert for 1 RJ45 IDC male connector

Fixing centre distance: 1 module

Male connectors can be supplied in the following versions:

Type of product:
CX 8 J6M – crimp RJ45 male connector with 8 data contacts for CX 01 J8M insert
CX 8 J6IM – IDC RJ45 male connector with 8 data contacts for CX 01 J8IM insert

The inserts can also be used with a male RJ45 patch cord with 8 data contacts available in various cable lengths.

Patch cord  with 2 RJ45 male connectors with 8 data contacts, S/FTP Cat. 7 PUR

Type of product:
CW 1 J2M87  – patch cord 1 m
CW 2 J2M87 – patch cord 2 m
CW 3 J2M87 – patch cord 3 m
CW 5 J2M87 – patch cord 5 m
CW  7.5 J2M87 – patch cord 7,5 m
CW 10 J2M87 – patch cord 10 m
CW 15 J2M87 – patch cord 15 m

If you would like some information emailing on Ilme new MIXO RJ45 Inserts or require a quotation, please get in touch with us.


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