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Phoenix Contact goes mobile

Phoenix Contact has introduced a new app for configuring and printing marking material using your smartphone or tablet.phoenix mobile

First you need to log into Google Play on a PC to check the compatibility of your Google registered device and if it is, you can use the new Marking System App on your android smartphones and tablets with Bluetooth connectivity.

The great thing about this app is no prior knowledge of marking material is required, the search assistant will filter the options for Phoenix Contact and their competitors DIN rail terminal markers.  On top of this, the product scanner can conveniently and quickly call up all possible marking materials for your application.  All you have to do is scan the barcode on the packaging of your Phoenix  Contact product to be labelled.  Also included within the App is wire, equipment and plant marking.

Having selected the appropriate template via the material editor, you can edit adding the required text or symbols.  Once you have completed your template, you can save as a file and archive within a named folder.

You can then print your jobs easily sent via a wireless data exchange to either the THERMOMARK card or roll printer.  This has to be upgraded with the addition of the MINI FD BLUETOOTH, Phoenix article number 0830986.

phoenix mobile 2

Contact us if you require any further information.



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Phoenix Contact – New Industrial Ethernet Products

Industrial Ethernet

Industrial Ethernet


Phoenix Contact has some new Ethernet products that offer increased security, reliability and improvements in real-time and wireless features. Easily integrated into your automation infrastructure, making these the products to choose.

The advantages for using these products include improved real-time for your application with PROFINET IRT switches, reliable and fast networks with highspeed WLAN access points and finally, secure machine networks thanks to the new generation of security routers.


High speed WLAN access point

High speed WLAN access point

Highspeed WLAN access point

The WLAN 5100 access point combines robust industrial technology and high performance and it is contained in a compact metal housing.  You can design more reliable and faster networks. The configuration and maintenance of WLAN networks is easier with cluster management and replaceable memory cards enables simple replacement of devices.


IP67 PROFINET realtime switch

IP67 PROFINET Realtime Switch

IP67 PROFINET Realtime Switch

Increase the realtime capability of PROFINET applications using the new PROFINET realtime switch. With push/pull connection technology on the IP67 housing enables easy installation and with no cabinet. Ensure optimal realtime properties with the hardware based PROFINET prioritisation.


Security Routers

MGUARD security routers from Phoenix Contact reliably protect your network against unauthorised access and tampering. A rugged metal housing and extended temperature range give you the bonus of greater reliability. The SD card slot enables fast device replacement.


Contact us if you require any further information.


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Phoenix Contact – Highlights 2013

Phoenix Contact have bought out a new catalogue titled – HIGHLIGHTS 2013 – Innovations for your success.

Their mission is to create progress with innovative and inspiring solutions. They believe that it is only through products that make your life easier that they can meet this objective. That’s why they focus on making handling as easy as possible, following a systemic approach and ensuring openness for proven standards.

See below, a glance of the development of some of  their product ranges:

The Axioline I/O System

The new Axioline I/O system gives you all options.  Use in control & in the field, choosing the right I/Os for your specific network.  These are available for all networks and environments.  Axioline I/Os are fast, robust and easy to use.

The Axiocontrol Compact Controller

Designed for maximum performance, easy handling and for use in harsh environments, the new Axiocontrol is a trend-setting control technology from Phoenix Contact which, together with Axioline, offers you the highest speeds.Axiocontrol

Industrial Ethernet

One network; a range of possibilities – there are new products for your industrial Ethernet applications, offering improvements in real-time, safety, and wireless features. You can integrate into your network very easily using the Ethernet components from Phoenix Contact. Industrial Ethernet

The RIFLINE Complete Relay System

RIFLINE complete is a complete relay system, offering easy handling from coupling & timer relays through to replacement small power contactors.  Use RIFLINE to complete industrial relay systems and to implement all standard relay applications.

Terminal Blocks for Signal and Power

For machine building, there are now 3.5 mm slimline sensor/actuator terminal blocks and high-current terminal blocks for conductors of up to 95 mm² with push-in connection.

Compact Monitoring Relays

‘Quick wiring and space-saving’, the new monitoring relays can be used to efficiently monitor current, voltage, and phase sequence.  This allows you to detect critical deviations at an early stage.  These are ideal for use in building installations or series production in system manufacturing and machine building.Compact monitoring relays

Intelligent Surge Protection

Using PLUBTRAB PT-IQ surge protection, protect your signal interfaces and be informed of any wear on protective devices at an early stage before an overload can result in failure.  Now with new push-in connection technology to make planning your service easy.Intelligent Surge Protection

Power Supplies With Basic Functionality

UNO POWER power supply units , thanks to their high power density, offer an ideal solution for loads up to 100W.  The compact, highly efficient UNO POWER power supplies impress with high power density and low energy consumption.  Starting with 5 modules, these set new standards in energy consumption.

Device Circuit Breaker Boards

The new device circuit breaker boards allow you to reduce installation times due to having a central potential distribution.  These boards can be fitted individually with thermomagnetic circuit breakers, making them very versatile.

LED Machine Lights

This intelligent lighting gives you a sophisticated installation concept and many new ways to control the light.  Having the advantages of LED technology with PLD machine lights, this installation concept saves time and material costs.

IP65 Compliant Industrial PC’s

Powerful technology and good looks, these multitouch capable PCs offer quick installation directly onto the machine making it the perfect solution for user-friendly machine interaction.

Radioline Wireless System

Easily bring a complete wireless system online. Radioline is now also available for the 900 MHz frequency band, and has new functions including easy assingment of inputs and outputs by simply turning the thumbwheel, without programming.Radioline wireless system

Heavycon Evo

For greater efficiency in machine building, we offer new heavy-duty plug-in connectors. Reduce your logistics costs thanks to a smart mounting concept.  Screw connections are available in 4 sizes from M20 to M40.Plastic plug in connectors


Take a look at the 2013 Pheonix Contact Highlights video below and feel free to contact us for further information on any of the above.


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E1000 HMI – Access Trends, Recipes & Alarms without ‘HMI Tools’ on an

‘HMI Tools’ is a software package used to transfer program and data files between a PC and an E1000 HMI. Amongst other things, it can be used for transferring trend information, alarm lists, recipe data, html files, Java applets and bitmaps to and from a terminal via FTP (File Transfer Protocol). BUT there’s another way…

Now, if you’ve used HMI Tools before I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a powerful and useful tool, there’s no doubt about that, but for those of you who haven’t got it installed and just want to quickly extract a few files from your E1000, you don’t want to have to run an install from disc – especially if you’re out on site and don’t have the disc with you! And the other good thing is, you can do this method over Ethernet – no need to wait around for serial comms!

So let’s jump straight into it! Here’s what you need:

  • A PC with an Ethernet port
  • An E1000 HMI (not applicable with the E1012 or E1022)
  • Cross-over Ethernet cable
  • E-designer software installed on your computer

Step 1:

We need to first find out what IP address the HMI currently has assigned to it, the easiest way to do this is from E-designer. Click on Setup > Peripherals, you should see the following window:

E1000 Peripheral configuration step 1

As you can see, my IP address was


Step 2:

Next we need to match the IP address of your PC to the range the HMI has, i.e. it needs to be 192.168.8.X. This can be done from your Network and Sharing Center: From the screen shown below (left), click the properties button (circled), to show the following (right):

E1000 Wireless network connection status step 2

Wireless network connection status step 2

From the second screen (right), double-click on the “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) to show the following screen:

E1000 Internet protocol version 4 step 2

Internet Protocol Version 4 Step 2


From this screen the only thing you need to enter is the IP address which matches the range assigned to the HMI, in my case it was: The subnet mask will populate itself once you tab across to it. As for the ‘Default Gateway’ and the ‘DNS’ settings, they can all be left untouched.



So at this point we have made a connection between the HMI and PC over Ethernet – feel free to put that serial CAB30 back in your bag and connect the Ethernet cable. The next step is to prepare the HMI for use over FTP. From the project manager, double-click ‘Network Services’ (left) to show the window on the right:

E1000 E-designer Network Services step 3

E-designer Network Services step 3

From the Network Services window ensure that the ‘FTP Server’ option is ticked, then press the Exit button. Now simply transfer the whole project to the HMI – be sure to select TCP/IP transfer from the communication properties before trying to transfer.


Step 4:

Now we can now use any internet browser to access the files we want to view, but I found that using windows explorer was quicker – either way the process is the same. Type in ftp://[Insert HMI IP address here] into the address bar. Like so…

E1000 Windows explorer FTP Step 4

Windows explorer FTP Step 4

As you can see, we now have access to Alarms, Images, Trends, Recipes, HTML and if you click into the INFO.TXT file you even have access to basic information about your HMI such as: firmware version, IP address and spare memory etc. If you click into these folders you’ll find they contain .CSV files, which you’re able to open in a Spreadsheet, Ta Dah! This concludes this blog post, thanks for tuning in!

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