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Technical Tip – GOT2000 multiple connections

Setting up GOT2000 HMI with multiple connections over Ethernet.

GOT2000 & GOTSimple HMIs have the capability to setup multiple connections with two different controllers e.g. two different PLC platforms, and is also capable of having up to 64 stations on a single channel. This is achieved by having 2 channel connections.

The technical tip PDF shows the example of setting up FX series PLC on Channel 1 and Q series PLC on Channel 2. Although these two platforms are both Mitsubishi, they are both different in functionality and programming methods.

In other terms if a manufacturing company is working with two different product brands one HMI can communicate to both of them as long as the HMI has a suitable driver installed for that product brand.

Click here for your full technical tip in PDF.


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Mitsubishi GT2103 5V Version Is Now Available

Mitsubishi GT2103-PMBLS288039

Mitsubishi are pleased to announce the release of the GT2103-PMBLS.  This version uses a 5V power supply and is a direct replacement for their best selling HMI the GT1020-LBL.  Connecting this GOT to an FX PLC using the GT10-C10R4-8P cable allows it to be powered from the PLC’s internal power supply saving space and cost.


It contains all the enhancing features that the other GT2103s have such as:

  • A bright 5 colour screen
  • Variety of communication options including Ethernet, RS422 serial and USB.

For further information or if you require a quotation, please get in touch !

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