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Housing a portfolio of high perfomance and quality products makes HMS the worlds number   one choice for industrial communication. Providing reliable solutions to connect devices such as Robots, Control systems, Motors and Sensors to any Industrial Network.

The HMS products and knowhow enable customers to broaden their market and implement devices regardless of Network environment. This makes their technology a must have for any System Integrator or Manufacturer of Industrial equipment wishing to operate globally.

Their long expertise, large installed base and wide market coverage make them the undesputed market leader of their field.




     Connects Serial or CAN based devices to Fieldbus & Ethernet

Anybus Communicator™ – Device to Network Gateways

 Get your industrial devices network enabled, quickly and easily with the Anybus Communicator family. Easy setup, no programming required.
Connects non-networked devices via a serial RS232/422/485 cable  Supports Modbus RTU, DF1, ASCII and proprietary serial and CAN based protocols  Connects devices to all major fieldbus and industrial Ethernet networks



    Connect almost any two industrial networks or PLC systems

Anybus X-gateway™ – Network to Network Gateways

With over 200 different network combinations to choose from, connecting almost any 2 industrial networks or PLC systems. Easy setup, no programming required.
Connects between open standard Fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet networks  Master and Slave combinations available  Ideal for factory retro-fits and upgrades


   netbiter logo    Remote Management of Industrial equipment


Netbiter – Get your equipment online fast


Netbiter EasyConnect 300-series

The Netbiter EasyConnect EC300 series is the newest generation of connectivity gateways that automatically connects industrial field equipment to the Netbiter Argos data center. The EC300-series supports all Netbiter Argos Services.

  • Instant connectivity to your remote equipment
  • Supports “Remote Access” — remote programming of a PLC or machine
  • Connectivity via GSM/GPRS/ 5-band 3G or via dual-band separated Ethernet
  • Firewall-friendly, no fixed IP addresses. Can be used with local SIM cards if needed




Netbiter EC350 (Ethernet WAN, Ethernet LAN + 3G)


Netbiter EC310 (Ethernet WAN, Ethernet LAN)


























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