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MHz or Megabits? Understanding the requirements of Industrial Ethernet cables with LUTZE UK.

In today’s industrial automation systems, Ethernet plays a major part. The network relies on data being passed through the system at high rates to underpin the performance of the network.

The digital performance of a network is subject to the active devices within the network, such as switches and controllers. However it is the passive devices such as cable and connectors which can ultimately determine a networks performance.

The frequency performance of a component dictates its performance. Let us take Cat 5 cable as an example. Cat 5 cable is specified for operating frequencies up to 100MHz. However the cable is suitable for 100MBIT applications using two pairs and gigabit applications (1,000MBIT) using a 4 pair cable in association with the correct connector.

It is easy to confuse MHz performance with the MEGABIT.

Class                                                       Frequency                Data Rate Capability
Range                     100Mbit                   1GBIT

Cat 5/5e                     100MHz                   2 Pair                       4 Pair

Cat 6                          350MHz                   ✔                             ✔

Cat 6A                       500MHz                   ✔                             ✔


Clearly cables of a higher category (Class) meet all the transmission characteristics of the lower classes, they therefore provide additional performance margin in a given application.




Conductor Size  Stranded Ethernet cable does not have the same performance characteristics as solid conductor. This must be remembered when distance is a factor. Ethernet conductors are typically 26AWG and 24AWG, and it is always best to use the largest size when requiring high data rates over long distance. The Profinet standard saw 22AWG cables being introduced, with this wire size there is significant transmission performance advantage over 26AWG and 24AWG, full 100m segment length can be achieved with stranded or solid cable types. Three types have been defined within the Profinet standard (see table below). Care must be taken to select the correct RJ45 connector when using 22AWG cables as many are not compatible with the increased wire size and the larger o/d of Profinet cables.


Power Over Ethernet  Spare conductors in an Ethernet cable can be used to provide power to Ethernet devices. Clearly, wire size is important in the calculation of voltage drop in POE applications, and is important to bear in mind in cable selection.


Cable Selection  The industrial environment requires suitable cables which have far more robust constructions than those used in office environments. Materials such as PUR are often used to provide mineral oil resistance, high abrasion resistance and are halogen free.

Ethernet cables are available with solid conductors which are only suitable for static applications.

Stranded conductors typically 7 strand for flexible use.  Highly stranded, typically 19 strands for continuous movement e.g drag chain applications.



For help with selecting the right Ethernet Cable for your machine environment, in conjunction with LUTZE UK, we have created an easy-to-follow selection guide.  Please click here…

And for further detailed information about Ethernet Connectivity, please download Lutze’s Ethernet Connectivity guide






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Mitsubishi announce latest version of GT Works 3 – 1.190

Mitsubishi have announced the next release of GT Works3 (version 1.190) as part of Melsoft programming suite.



This software version replaces the previous version (1.181) and all registered MyMitsubishi users will receive a message informing them about this new release.

As well as including the latest GOT products this version also includes the following improvements:

  • Gradient screen backgrounds
  • New stylish key windows
  • Semi-transparent alarm pop-ups
  • Batch editable screen background colours
  • Improved PDF document display functions
  • Better structuring of Operator Authentication users

For more info please click here

For a quotation, please get in touch



iQ Works2 – The Integrated Industrial Software Solution

CDL offers a wide range of Mitsubishi Software Packages, but some may be confused when choosing the correct software for their application.

Mitsubishi’s iQ Works2 Software Suite takes the selection headache away.

This powerful engineering management software solution integrates programming, design and maintenance software applications for Mitsubishi Electric’s automation platform.

The result is one seamless engineering environment.

So what is included in iQ Works2?


MELSOFT Navigator – Project Management Tool.

The Navigator enables the design of the entire upper-level system and integrates the other MELSOFT programs into a single workspace. This graphic-based configuration tool provides a visual representation of the overall system.


GX Works2 – PLC programming software

Used to program the various Mitsubishi PLC’s including FX Series, L-Series and Q-Series.


GX Works3 – PLC programming software

The latest Mitsubishi PLC programming and maintenance software used to program the iQ-R and IQ-F Series PLC’s.


GX Developer – PLC programming, for legacy systems

The simplicity and intuitive interface of this well-known software results in a short learning curve to help you get your applications up and running quickly and efficiently.


GT Works3 – GOT1000/GOT2000 HMI programming

Graphical Operation Terminal (GOT) screen creation software. Create graphic screens in fewer steps.


MT Works – Motion programming software

Motion control design and maintenance software which includes intuitive graphic-based programming together with a digital oscilloscope simulator.


FR Configurator2 – Inverter programming software

Simplifies setup and maintenance of Mitsubishi AC inverters. Parameters can be easily adjusted, and written to multiple inverters when replacing. The inverter PLC function can also be programmed from a single setup screen.


RT Toolbox3 – Robot programming software

Robot setup software for programming, commissioning, evaluation and maintenance of robot applications. The integrated 3D simulator is a handy tool which can be used to improve preventative maintenance of a machine.


QnUDVCPU & LCPU Logging Configuration Tool – Data logging configuration software.

Store and view collected device data on an SD memory card in CSV format.


For additional information regarding which version of Windows Operating systems are supported by iQ Works2?  Please click here…


So, if you are in need of a complete software solution for a wide-range of Mitsubishi Factory Automation products, then look no further than iQ Works2.

For more information regarding iQ Works2 or any other Mitsubishi FA product, then please contact the CDL Sales Team or Technical Support on 0116 233 9555.


iQ Works2 logo








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Technical Tip Mitsubishi – FX Series Programming Cables

See below our 2nd technical tip, this time for FX Series Programming Cables



FX Series Programming cables

SC-09 cable was used for old FX series and FX3 PLCs, however this cable is now obsolete.



The replacement cable is FX-USB-AW for FX1 to FX3 PLCs. Newer types such as FX3G and FX3S a standard to mini USB cable can used.




For Legacy products such as Old FX & A Series PLCs, this configuration must be used…




For further assistance please call our Technical Support Helpdesk

Download PDF Click here

To download USB drivers Click here





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CDL brings Mechatronics to the MTC in Coventry




Mechatronics is a multidisciplinary field of science that includes a combination of mechanical engineering, electronics and Control Systems and despite being around for more than 50 Years, today we are seeing a real time need to connect Industry. To ensure that we continue to move with current industry trends CDL has brought together a few of their strongest Manufacturers at the Manufacturing Technology Centre in Coventry where they were able to  showcase new products and integrated solutions that combined, strenghtens their systems with Industry 4.0 and The Internet of Things placing them firmly at the front of their mind.

The Mechatronics workshop was centered around the Mitsubishi Automation Platform, and supported by key manufacturers such as SMC, SICK and SMAC. Each manufacturer presented live presentations of their showcased lineup and performed in-house product demonstrations along with Q&A session at the end of each section.

Manufacturers Product line ups included:

Mitsubishi: IQF & IQR Simple Motion and Robot,A800 GOT Integration, Smart Condition.Monitoring & Guided Operator Solutions.

SMC: Electric Actuators & Grippers.

SMAC: Precision Electric Actuators and the famous SMAC actuator hand

SICK: Inspection/Vision cameras and Scanners.
In addition to the live presentations an open exhibition area was available, where attendees could discuss individual systems and products in greater depth with numerous application specialists.

Mitsubishi Logo                  SMC Logo                   SMAC logo                  Sick Logo



Mitsubishi Factory Automation Product Manager Barry Weller talking through the many Features and Benefits of using the New IQF and IQR PLC Platforms



As an added benefit guests were also offered a guided tour of the MTC and given exclusive availability around
their spectacular premises to see up close the latest manufacturing technologies from some of the UK’s most innovative manufacturing businesses


CDL are planning to run more similar events throughout 2017 so keep checking our social media feeds, website and Blog for further details regarding future events.

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Rittal EC speed control unit for their EC fan & filter units are now available.



You can now ensure that your cooling solution is maximising its efficiency and protecting critical equipment from high temperatures, this benefits you from 60% energy savings over previous models.

Rittal EC speed control units monitors the speed of and accepts an output signal from up to 4 EC fan and filter units and raises an alarm if they are not turning.

Using Rittal EC speed controls unit in conjunction with EC fan and filter units benefits include:-ec speed control unit

  • Reduce noise levels
  • Demand based cooling
  • Temperature improved stability
  • Remote monitoring – allows immediate reaction to loss of cooling
  • Reduced running costs and energy consumption
  • Reduced maintenance costs and filter changes
  • Extended service life

 EC Speed Control Unit Datasheet

For a quotation, give us a call !





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Phoenix Contact re-engineer their Surge Protection Range


Lightning and surge protection for the power supply is now extremely powerful and durable. This is made possible thanks to the new Safe Energy Control (SEC) technology with impact-free spark gap from Phoenix Contact.

Phx Surge Protection

All the protective devices in the new product range have been completely re-engineered and are based on SEC technology. At the heart of the type 1 lightning arrester is a spark gap that safely prevents line follow currents. In previous protective devices, discharge often caused system fuses to blow, however this is now a thing of the past thanks to the SEC technology. The devices are extremely durable and operate quietly in the background helping to protect the system. The type 2 and type 3 surge protective devices are also designed for high performance and functional safety. Installation, handling, and maintenance are simplified in particular by the compact design and consistent plug-in capability of the arresters.


To Read More

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Mitsubishi host the Future Manufacturing Event – AMRC Training Centre , Sheffield

Are you registered ?

Due to high demand Mitsubishi have now added a further date to their Future Manufacturing event that is taking place at the AMRC Training Centre in Sheffield on the 17th March 2015. The following day has now been added due to poular demand so enrol now to ensure your place on this event.


The free to enter event is intended to appeal to anyone working in manufacturing, engineering or automation and interested in where manufacturing and technology are today and where they will be in the near future. The ‘Future Manufacturing Event’ is a combination of seminars, exhibitions and one-to-one contact with experts from leading software and hardware vendors.

Date & Venue

17th and 18th March 2015 – AMRC Training Center Sheffield

Industry leading experts will provide invaluable information on key topics that include:

Energy solutions

  • New ESOS legislation – the facts and how it affects you
  • Effective Energy Management
  • IE Motor legislation
  • G5/5 explained

Industry 4.0

  • Industrial Internet of Things
  • M2M Solutions

Technology innovations

  • iQ-F – Unrivaled compact controller
  • iQ-R – Next generation modular controller
  • Robotics & Vision

Event Partners

Pic 1  Pic 2




  • Rittal
  • Lutze
  • Cognex
  • CLPA
  • Eplan
  • P&F

To register

Register for your free pass to Mitsubishi Electric Future Manufacturing Event and access free seminars, special features and the very latest product news from some of the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers.

Register to guarantee your place at the event




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Imo TDM10 – TDAS – TDSD1 are the new generation of din rail timers and being only 17.5mm wide, the modular frame will suit any consumer unit or industrial panel.

news_imo_timersImo TDM10 timer has 10 functions and can accept a wide supply voltage from 24V to 300V AC or DC.  On the front of the unit, 3 selectors allow you to easily and accurately configure the timer (function, time range, and coefficient), 4 LED lights will constantly keep you updated on the state of the timer (Relay on/off, timer counting, function coded). In the event you misplace the instruction sheet, all functions diagram are printed on the side of the timer along with the wiring diagram. On the output, a changeover relay is giving you normally open or normally close contact to suit all applications. You can switch up to 10A @ 250Vac.

TDAS is a new timer for asymmetrical application where you require time On and Off to be different. Set up 2 different times and use one of the 5 functions available.

TSDS1 is a Star-Delta timer, using the same body as the rest of the range. With 2 changeover relay outputs, you can control your motor start up and define the time in Star and the transition time between Star and Delta (20ms to 500ms).

If you would like a data sheet for these products or wish to get a quotation, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.








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Phoenix Contact Highlights 2014 – New Products

logo phoenix

Highlights 2014 is a good example of how Phoenix Contact develops technologically cutting-edge solutions for you, with a comprehensive understanding of your application.  Below are some of their new products at a glance.  There are plenty more to see in the new Highlights 2014.

Panel PCS in IP65

Panel PC IP65

Panel PC IP65

From the Designline series, these attractive industrial PCs  are narrow, feature IP65 protection and have multi-touch capability.  They can be installed very easily directly onto the machine so are always close to the action.  Design your own easy-maintenance, custom operating concepts with Designline IPCs – as the calling card for your system.

Safe analog value processing with standard I/O modules

Safe analog value processing

Safe analog value processing

With the Safe AI solution package, you do not require any safety-related analog I/O modules for your safety application.  TÜV-certified software is used to process safety-related analog values. Safety functions up to SIL 3 and PL e can be implemented by doing this and the consultation service provided by Phoenix Contact experts completes the package.

Visualization app

System access, anywhere and anytime

System access, anywhere and anytime

Visu+ visualization app from Phoenix Contact allows you to design flexible operating and monitoring concepts.  You can access your system at any time and from any location using your smartphone or tablet.  The Visu+ mobile app is the flexible addition to the Visu+ visualization software and the Visu+ web server required for the app is already pre-installed in numerous devices such as their touch panels.  Simply extend Industrial PCs with Visu+ Web license in order to use Visu+ mobile in connection with Visu+.  Up to 100 clients with a touch panel or industrial PC can be operated in the maximum configuration.

Signal conditioners with SIL/PL functional safety

With PLUGTRAB PT-IQ-Ex, it is possible for the first time to install an intelligent surge protection system with multi-stage signaling and remote signaling directly in Ex zone 2. This means that you can always know what is going on in intrinsically safe areas.

Intelligent Surge Protection

Intelligent Surge Protection

PLUGTRAB PT-IQ is a range of intelligent surge protective devices with multi-stage signaling and remote signaling. The product range has been extended with a variety of voltage and circuit versions in order to provide the right surge protection for every application.

Surge protection for measurement and control technology

A large number of sensors and actuators are monitored and controlled in applications for measurement and control technology. A failure due to surge voltages can have devastating effects. Phoenix surge protective devices offer an ideal solution and help to avoid system failures for all applications.

With PLUGTRAB PT-IQ-Ex, it is possible for the first time to install an intelligent surge protection system with multi-stage signaling and remote signaling directly in Ex zone 2. This means that you can always know what is going on in intrinsically safe areas.

PLUGTRAB PT-IQ is a range of intelligent surge protective devices with multi-stage signaling and remote signaling. The product range has been extended with a variety of voltage and circuit versions in order to provide the right surge protection for every application.

Contact us for more info.


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