Due to systems being more complex in todays automated world, the required wiring effort of individual components in these systems have become expensive.  It is time consuming for engineers to have to wire multiple inputs and outputs on high density I/O cards and the chances of making errors are high.

These issues are illuminated when using Phoenix Contacts varioface system cabling.  Using technologically leading and coordinated hardware to connect the controller to the field, the varioface controller-specific system cabling for signal and power wiring makes it easy and error free.

The benefits of using such a system like this include flexible connectivity with push in, screw and spring options.  You also get uniform, fast and error free wiring for pre-assembled system cables.  Also with the on line configurator or if using the project planning cross reference list, you get simple planning and selection.

Phoenix Contact has ready made solutions for various controller manufacturers including ABB, Allen Bradley, Phoenix Contact, Omron, Mitsubishi Electric, Schneider and Siemens.  They also offer various migration solutions and can manufacture cabling solutions to meet complex customer applications.

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