MHz or Megabits? Understanding the requirements of Industrial Ethernet cables with LUTZE UK.

In today’s industrial automation systems, Ethernet plays a major part. The network relies on data being passed through the system at high rates to underpin the performance of the network. The digital performance of a network is subject to the active devices within the network, such as switches and controllers. However it is the passive […]

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Lutze VSD Cables

    Have you ever thought about the effects of using just standard cabling for your VSD applications? Cables are often an afterthought in the planning process but represents actually a very important component in the whole application. Variable Frequency Drive applications can cause unique electrical issues that are unlike other standard power transmission in […]

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Technical Tip – GOT2000 multiple connections

Setting up GOT2000 HMI with multiple connections over Ethernet. GOT2000 & GOTSimple HMIs have the capability to setup multiple connections with two different controllers e.g. two different PLC platforms, and is also capable of having up to 64 stations on a single channel. This is achieved by having 2 channel connections. The technical tip PDF […]

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iQ Works2 – The Integrated Industrial Software Solution

CDL offers a wide range of Mitsubishi Software Packages, but some may be confused when choosing the correct software for their application. Mitsubishi’s iQ Works2 Software Suite takes the selection headache away. This powerful engineering management software solution integrates programming, design and maintenance software applications for Mitsubishi Electric’s automation platform. The result is one seamless […]

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Technical Tip – Mitsubishi GOT2000 Screen Passwords

Setting up screen passwords for GOT2000     See below the 1st of many technical tips we shall be posting over the coming months. Go to: Common > GOT Environmental setting > Security Click on: Level Set Security Level Device: for example ‘D100’ Register Set Security Level Password: You can set multiple passwords for hierarchy […]

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Technical Tip Mitsubishi – FX Series Programming Cables

See below our 2nd technical tip, this time for FX Series Programming Cables     FX Series Programming cables SC-09 cable was used for old FX series and FX3 PLCs, however this cable is now obsolete. The replacement cable is FX-USB-AW for FX1 to FX3 PLCs. Newer types such as FX3G and FX3S a standard to […]

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CDL brings Mechatronics to the MTC in Coventry

    Mechatronics is a multidisciplinary field of science that includes a combination of mechanical engineering, electronics and Control Systems and despite being around for more than 50 Years, today we are seeing a real time need to connect Industry. To ensure that we continue to move with current industry trends CDL has brought together […]

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Mitsubishi – Introducing the latest iQ-F updates

The Mitsubishi iQ-F range continues to expand and they are now at a stage where they have a comprehensive range of hardware products for this PLC family.   There is now a complete range of DC-powered CPUs available from 32 to 80 I/O. Mitsubishi now also have PT100 and Thermocouple ADP modules (attach to left hand side of […]

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HMS Industrial Networks has introduced Anybus Wireless Bolt which makes machines communicate wirelessly.  The Anybus Wireless Bolt is a wireless access point designed to be mounted on a machine or cabinet to give it wireless access via WLAN, Bluetooth or Bluetooth Low Energy.  The wireless access makes it possible to do configuration via a regular tablet or smartphone […]

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Mitsubishi MELSEC iQ-F Series

Mitsubishi MELSEC-F Series has now been reborn as the MELSEC iQ-F Series, offering enhanced high speed bus, expanded built-in functions, advanced SSCNETIII/H support and improved engineering environment. Program and parameters are set with the GXWorks3 engineering software.                       From stand-alone use to networked system applications, […]

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