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Mitsubishi – New FX5UC CPU & expansion modules

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The new FX5U range continues to expand with the release of more CPUs and expansion modules. Therefore Mitsubishi are pleased to announce the launch of the first compact CPU variants the FX5UC-32T/DSS with associated digital I/O expansion modules. 

There are also two new FX5 a channel analogue input and output modules (FX5-4AD-ADP and FX5-4DA-ADP) now available which connect to the left hand side of the CPUs.

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Rittal EC speed control unit for their EC fan & filter units are now available.



You can now ensure that your cooling solution is maximising its efficiency and protecting critical equipment from high temperatures, this benefits you from 60% energy savings over previous models.

Rittal EC speed control units monitors the speed of and accepts an output signal from up to 4 EC fan and filter units and raises an alarm if they are not turning.

Using Rittal EC speed controls unit in conjunction with EC fan and filter units benefits include:-ec speed control unit

  • Reduce noise levels
  • Demand based cooling
  • Temperature improved stability
  • Remote monitoring – allows immediate reaction to loss of cooling
  • Reduced running costs and energy consumption
  • Reduced maintenance costs and filter changes
  • Extended service life

 EC Speed Control Unit Datasheet

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