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Finder announce new advantages to their 39 Series Relay Range


Finder have launched a new concept in interface relays under their 39 Series MasterINTERFACE banner which is taking the market by storm.

With an Ultraslim design ( 6.2 mm wide) and with some simple and versatile additions offering both valuable savings on time and space, makes this relay highly suitable for interfacing with PLC-controlled automated systems:

Available in 5 different variants;

39series_moving-squareMasterBASIC Offering ease of mounting on 35mm DIN rail with the ability to offer quick and easy connection to PLCs via a Master Adapter, allowing multiple relays to be mounted together for ease of commoning via jumper links which come in three different colours,Blue, Red and Black meaning that can easily be plugged in reducing the need to individually wire each relay.

MasterPLUS, is a fused variant presenting a unique feature offering protection to the output circuit, thanks to its replaceable fuse.The main use is to protect the relay output against any accidental overcurrent or short circuit. Replacement of fuses (5×20 mm) is made possible thanks to the pull-out accessory.

Finder TimerMasterINPUT and MasterOUTPUT allow significant time saving with regards to connection in applications where a single contact closure is required. These models allow a direct connection to the interface without the need for additional terminals, thus saving space in the panel.
“MasterINPUT” can be used in interface applications between sensors, contacts or limit switches and PLC input circuits, while “MasterOutput” is suitable for interfacing between PLC outputs and relays, motors and solenoids.

MasterTIMER is a Multifunction and Multi-scale timed interface module.


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Phoenix Contact – Highlights 2015

logoHighlights 2015 is a good example of how Phoenix Contact develops technologically cutting-edge solutions for you, with a comprehensive understanding of your application.  Below are some of their new products at a glance.  There are plenty more to see in the new Highlights 2015.


slim relaysSlim safety relays

The slimmest safety relay on the market offers you full performance on 6 mm, perfect safety for new solutions where space was lacking until now.

New and improved surge protection

Thanks to the non-reactive spark gap, systems are now failsafe, lightning and surge protection for the power supply with SEC technology.

Robust power supplies

Perfect for machine building, the new power supplies for reliable supply of all loads – even under harsh ambient conditions.

Multi-channel device circuit breakersmulti channel device circuit breakers

Now even greater system availability with minimum overall width, protect your circuits against overloads and short-circuits.

Protocol converters for remote control technology

Reduce interfaces, communicate cost-effectively, integrate different remote control protocols simply into the control room.

Marshalling systems with push-in connection

Simple, clearly color-coded: the new marshalling system for fast and safe orientation during signal wiring.

High-current spring-cage terminal blockshigh current spring cage terminal blocks

Power wiring is now made easy. Use the fastest and most user-friendly conductor connection on the market for conductors up to 150 mm².

Device connection for high currents

With a powerful 232  A through the housing panel: now connect conductors up to 95 mm² conveniently and safely with the T-LOX connection technology.

Tolerance-compensating M12 screw connection

Safe,tolerance compensating M12 screw connection fast, and unique: the new IP67 housing screw connections automatically compensate production tolerances up to 1 mm.

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Phoenix Contact re-engineer their Surge Protection Range


Lightning and surge protection for the power supply is now extremely powerful and durable. This is made possible thanks to the new Safe Energy Control (SEC) technology with impact-free spark gap from Phoenix Contact.

Phx Surge Protection

All the protective devices in the new product range have been completely re-engineered and are based on SEC technology. At the heart of the type 1 lightning arrester is a spark gap that safely prevents line follow currents. In previous protective devices, discharge often caused system fuses to blow, however this is now a thing of the past thanks to the SEC technology. The devices are extremely durable and operate quietly in the background helping to protect the system. The type 2 and type 3 surge protective devices are also designed for high performance and functional safety. Installation, handling, and maintenance are simplified in particular by the compact design and consistent plug-in capability of the arresters.


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Mitsubishi IQ-F – FX5U the next generation of FX Family

With the launch of the FX5U Compact PLC, as a part of the IQ-F Series, Mitsubishi has made this best selling PLC even better.


Mitsubishi launched the original FX over 30 years ago and being the first compact PLC to be seen in the European market., the FX transformed automation by bringing PLC control and functionality into smaller, lower cost applications that would previously have had to rely solely on discrete relay based logic.

Each generation of the Mitsubishi FX has set new standards and now with the introduction of the FX5U, Mitsubishi has given these compact controllers a huge performance boost by focusing on processing power, expansion, built in functionality and positioning and motion functions.

The Mitsubishi FX5U gives the FX a performance boost and adds new features that set benchmark standards for compact PLCs.  Users are able to develop more complex and sophisticated automation systems, as well as higher performance applications without having to go for larger, more costly PLC families.  Programming through the same GX Works software used for other controllers in the Mitsubishi Electric range supports scalability.

Mitsubishi FX3U offers many features and benefits:-

HIGH SPEED INPUT & OUTPUTS – Users can achieve high speed, precise positioning at low cost with embedded multi-speed, interrupt positioning and simultaneous start.
ANALOGUE & PID – With 2 analogue inputs & 1 analogue output as standard, also with improved PID performance, users have a low cost means of implementing sophisticated functions at low cost and without the need for additional hardware.
IMPROVED CONNECTIVITY – The FX5U offers simple connection options to a wide range of Mitsubishi Servos, Inverters Cognex Vision Systems, Networks & Energy Meters, thus having reduced wiring effort and no additional programming.
BUILT IN ETHERNET – Having Ethernet communications as standard, users can easily set up communications with other Ethernet enabled systems and perform remote data monitoring over the internet.  They can also use the SNTP function (time synchronisation from a time server via a network).
POSITIONING CONTROL – Mitsubishi Electric’s simple motion unit as an intelligent function module is included with the FX5U.  This provides the ability to perform sophisticated motion control for up to 4 axes.  Functions include linear interpolation, circular interpolation, positioning control, synchronised control. encoder following and electric cam.
ADVANCED SYNCHRONOUS CONTROL – Software based synchronous control can be used as an alternative to mechanical control, such as gear, transmission, shaft and cam.  Also cam control is easier with cam auto-generation.  Synchronous control can be simply operated for each axis (stop/start), allowing synchronous and positional control axes within the same program.
CAM AUTO-GENERATION – Simply by registering the sheet length, synchronisation width, rotary cutter axis dimensions etc, cam data for a rotary cutter can be generated automatically.  All servo axes can be synchronised via SSCNETIII/H by plug & play.
MARK DETECTION – The actual position of the servo motor can be obtained based on the registration mark printed on the high speed moving film.  Compensation of the cutter axis position, based on the registration marks, keeps the constant cutting position.
SIMPLE TROUBLESHOOTING – The FX5U offers a range of trouble shooting functions to speed system set up, increase system availability and reduce maintenance requirements.  Included is comprehensive debugging functions along with diagnostics function.  Simple maintenance is facilitated through improved diagnostics including error history, hardware monitor, SD card for logging & tracing functions, automatic systems recognition and several program debugging functions.
SECURITY FUNCTIONS – FX5U comes with several security functions like privilege based program on SD card with copy protection password.
BACKWARD COMPATIBILITY – Reuse existing FX3 expansion modules with the FX5U via a bus conversion module and easily port existing FX3 programs to FX5U.










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