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Save over 60% off Mitsubishi software: iQ Works and GX Works 2

For a limited period only Mitsubishi Electric is running a special offer on the iQ Works & GX Works 2 software platforms.

IQ Works software
iQ Works software is the integrated engineering software suite which includes Melsoft Navigator, GX Works 2, MT Works 2 and GT Works 3.

Introductory price of £495


GX Works 2 software

MELSOFT GX Works 2 represents the next generation in MELSOFT PLC maintenance and programming software. It’s functionality has been inherited from both GX and IEC Developer, with improvements made throughout to increase productivity and drive down engineering costs.

Introductory price of £295



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Mitsubishi Special Offers – FX3GE Starter Kits

Whilst stocks last, FX3GE Starter Kit Offers from £900 to get your automation projects off to a quick start.  These Starter Kit bundles include GOT HMI, FX3GE Compact Plc and IQ Works software.

FX3GE Starter Kit

STARTER KIT 1;  FX3GE-24MR (14/10 I/O) Compact PLC, GT1030 (4,5″) GOT HMI, Cable GT10-C30R4-8PC, iQ Works software suite; 266241; £900

STARTER KIT 2; FX3GE-24MR (14/10 I/O) Compact PLC, GT14 (5,7″) mono GOT HMI, iQ Works software suite; 266242; £1,100

STARTER KIT 3; FX3GE-40MR (24/16 I/O) Compact PLC, GT14 (5,7″) mono GOT HMI, VNC HMI remote access, iQ Works software suite; 266243; £1,300

STARTER KIT 4; FX3GE-40MR (24/16 I/O) Compact PLC, GT14 (5,7″) colour GOT HMI, VNC HMI remote access, iQ Works software suite; 266244; £1,500




  • Up to 5,7″ screen with up to 65k colors TFT
  • Integrated communications: Ethernet, USB (Host & Devices), RS232, RS422/485 embedded
  • Data logging: SD card slot for easy data logging
  • Backup/restore function: Easy program recovery function via USB stick or SD card
  • Multi channel function: Serial and Ethernet connections at the same time

FX3GE Compact PLC –

  • Integrated communication: Ethernet, USB, RS422 embedded
  • Integrated analogue processing: 2 analogue inputs, 1 analogue output embedded
  • Connection to up to 8 inverters possible
  • Security: 2 user keywords for scaled PLC access
  • Advanced positioning: High-speed counting and input interrupts, User friendly positioning

iQ Works software suite –

  • Intuitive system configuration diagram allows for the graphic assembly of systems
  • Centralised management of disparate projects and batch configuration of the entire control system
  • Use system labels to seamlessly share device data between GOTs, PLCs and motion control
  • Save the time and hassle of changing device values in each program by using the update system labels feature

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