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IMO Introduces its newest member to the IMO i3 range – The i3C

CDL continue to work closely with all of their Franchised Product ranges and are pleased with the arrival of the latest IMO i3 range of controllers that have now been expanded to include the NEW i3C colour touch screen controller.

The i3C offers users a larger colour display, a faster scan rate and a wider operating temperature.

Below are just a few of the Features and Benefits that we believe will help you to consider the IMO i3C colour touch intelligent control station:

Same built-in I/O options as our i3A and i3B controllers – with up to 44 points. IMO i3c

Faster logic scan rate (0.2m/SK) for larger or more demanding applications.

Offers 3 Serial ports (USB programming port plus 2 RS- 232/485 serial ports), unusual for a controller in this price range.

Includes unique onboard MicroSD™ memory for data logging and upgrading programs.

And there’s a few more…

Wider operating temperature (-10C to 60C) meets a greater
range of applications.

Only 3.5” deep and mounts on any panel space about 7” x 6”

Works with the i3 Series family of field installable add-on modules such as Ethernet, Mobile modem, telephone modem and radio modem-mix and match i3A, i3B and i3C and use the same options.

And also Programming Benefits

Ladder Logic, ST, SFC, FBD
Auto Tune PID (32 loops)
Floating Point Maths
Serial Port & Modem commands
Real-Time- Clock functions
Program and Subroutine blocks
Alarm / Recipe / Animation / Bitmaps
Multi-Language support and custom fonts

How can the i3 Intelligent Controller can work for you ?
IMO’s i3 controllers offer a unique solution since it is both a PLC and HMI combined in one device. It is also small, very powerful and has many unique connectivity features. One such feature is the GRPS modem option, which is ideal for applications where the controller is somewhere out in the field.

Remote monitoring, control and programming of devices can reduce service visits required and allow first class customer service to provide to end customers. It minimizes downtime, maximises productivity and reduces servicing costs by allowing the possibility of fault diagnosis without visiting site.

Many specialist vehicles contain a variety of high tech equipment and software. These system are often produced by several suppliers, therefore having a variety of different interfaces. The i3 solves this problem by providing the user with a single interface running on a touch screen PC.

Remote monitoring, control and programming have previously had been restrictive due to legacy devices only providing serial communications. Imagine being able to programme these devices from your office miles from their location on the factory floor! In fact the devices could be anywhere in the world.


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Sick deTec4 Core Safety Light Curtains

Sick have designed a new range of Light Curtains – the deTec4. Offering efficient integration, from planning & selection through to installation.



The deTec4 Safety Light Curtains are produced to Type 4 (IEC 61496), PL e (EN ISO 13849) and have a resolution of 14mm or 30mm with a protective field height of 300mm to 2,100mm. They also have an automation range measurement of up to 10m, an ambient operating temperature of -30°c to +55°c and an enclosure rating of IP65/IP67.

The deTec4 Safety Light Curtains benefit the user as they are easy to assemble, having innovative mounting and no blind zones.  Thanks to an integrated LED display and the automatic range measurement, they are quick to commission.  They come with a M12, 5 pin connector as standard to reduce costs and are quick to replace when servicing is required due to their basic function that does not require a lot of effort to configure.

The deTec4 Safety Light Curtains are ideal for use in Automotive, handling & warehousing systems, machine tools and the packaging industry.

Contact us for more details.Sick deTec4 Light Curtain



The Mitsubishi iX Panel HMIs

Mitsubishi’s range of HMIs are ideal for any industrial environment. Each of the human Machine interfaces come with powerful software and offer hardware products ranging from 4.3″ HMIs to 21″ industrial PCs.  Whether for the factory floor or for harsh environments, the all new iX Panels run the revolutionary iX Developer Software with drivers to communicate with your automation equipment.

IX Panel

IX Panel





The iX HMI has unique and intelligent navigation tools and using swipe and scroll on its screen makes for faster and efficient applications.  These tools include allowing one screen to show multiple instances that can be changed during runtime and you can also show multiple amounts of information in small areas using animated labels with variable speed and direction.

You can personalise the iX HMI by using C# scripting and .NET components.  Using custom colours you can build your own screens, customise dialogues in colours, fonts & touch area size, choose between 14 different trend charts, also available in 3D style.ix panel

These operator panels can share information with each other via panel networks so it is easy to share information between users and provides safer control over long distances.  If you need to turn facts into figures,  then just use the built in report generator to print or save Excel reports.  Using the panel web server you can design your own web page by using the tag data API and just log in.  This allows you to be able to see and use the information you see on the panel on a mobile device anywhere in the world.

TxA are the cost effective solution, the smaller TxA models offer cost efficient solution with solid HMI functionality for small and medium sized applications.  Display sizes 4, 7 and 10”.  TxB are the high performance operator panel and are the mid range models.  These are high performance and are suitable for medium to large HMI applications that require the handling of more data and utilising more functionality.  Display sizes 7, 12 and 15”.  TxC are for the more demanding applications and takes the HMI to industrial PC levels.  These are high performance for larger projects.  The largest 21” model supports full HD.

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Mitsubishi Promotion – Now extended!


MELSOFT GX Works2 represents the next generation in MELSOFT PLC maintenance and programming software. Its functionality has been inherited from both GX and IEC Developer, with improvements made throughout to increase productivity and drive down engineering costs.

Still on an introductory price of £295

For GX Works2 FX Only – £175


iQ Works software is the integrated engineering software suite which includes Navigator,

GX Works2, MT Works2 and GT Works3.

Introductory price of £495







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